Timothée Chalamet is a cannibal to the core

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It is particularly curious down to the bone. Because it’s a horror film and a love story. Also, survival. And, as if that weren’t enough, of those who don’t look favorably on.

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Well, cannibalism is not very accepted.

the Sicilian director Luca Guadagnino became famous for call me by your name, the story of same-sex love between an adult and a teenager. Previously, you have made many short films, TV series and feature films. And later, he directed a remake of SuspiriaDario Argento’s horror classic, with which down to the bone It has more to do with that movie with the Oscar nominations.

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Call Guadagnino Timothee Chalametsomething like her fetish actor ever since Call me…to play not the protagonist but the protagonist’s romantic interest, Maren, who is embodied by the young Canadian Taylor Russell, a name to keep in mind in the future.

locked up at night

Maren is a girl who, it is not known why at first, when night falls her father locks her in her room.

We’ve already mentioned that one of the themes is cannibalism, so when Maren escapes one night good or bad, and when lying under a table at a schoolmate’s house she starts sucking her finger, it won’t be because a scene is coming. .


From there, her father decides to leave town, and when he finally leaves her to her fate, he simply leaves her his birth certificate. Maren understands that she must go to that country, where she was born, and also find her mother, the one who disappeared from her life.

And in the middle of all this journey Lee appears, Chalamet, who is a cannibal or devourer, as these characters call themselves, and whom he meets in a supermarket.

The feeders sniff each other several blocks away, or even miles away, as does Sully, an elderly man with a tail, which Mark Rylance (bridge of spies) puts as much ambiguity as possible.

down to the bonewhich is so called not because it gets there in the same way, but because when they eat, the devourers -some- come and swallow them down to the bone, is also a story in which obsessions cost more or less dearly.

But we said it is a curious film. Because anything that has to do with blood, blood, and this is a hectoliter film, can take the viewers’ eyes away.

Even so, I see it more as a genre film and not as a drama with more artistic aspirations (at Venice Guadagnino won the Silver Lion for Best Director, and Taylor Russell, for Newcomer). Everyone can see and enjoy what they want.

“To the Bone”


Horror/Drama. United States/Italy, 2022. Original title: Bones and all. 131′, SAM 16 R. Of: Luca Guadagnino. With: Taylor Russell, Timothée Chalamet, Mark Rylance, David Gordon Green. Rooms: Cinépolis Recoleta, Cinemark Palermo, Vetrina Belgrano, Vetrina Quilmes, Hoyts Dot.

Source: Clarin

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