After the triumph of the Argentina national team, Rodrigo De Paul was very close to Tini Stoessel

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After the expected triumph of Argentina national team in the match against Poland, Rodrigo De Paul was very close to Tini Stoessel.

The footballer shared a very romantic photo with his partner on Instagram, where he accumulates more than six million followers.

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In the picture they are seen hugging each other while he kisses her on the cheek. “Recharge Energy”, wrote the athlete in history.

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Rumors that the couple was in crisis have been forgotten.

It has also been speculated that the player of the national team and the interpreter of The Triple T they were separated and that they would announce the breakup once the Qatar World Cup 2022.

However, after the match against which the Argentine team lost Saudi Arabiathe singer has packed her bags and landed in Qatar to encourage her boyfriend.

It should be remembered that after that first match, social media was filled with unfair criticism of the artist, who was judged by his relationship with the athlete.

vats He turned a deaf ear to those comments, settled in Doha with his parents and brother and has already attended two matches. The first at the Lusail stadium, where the national team played against Mexico. And the second inside Stadium 974where the Argentine team beat Poland.

After the Argentine team qualified for the round of 16, many Internet users claimed responsibility for their statements against the singer. Many others asked Tini to apologise. And in recent days they have even gone so far as to say that De Paul’s girlfriend is the “cabal of the national team”.

“The mine with the highest number of OVAS in Argentina, He didn’t care about the critics, he put on 7, and that the envious go to hell”, “Tini took to the stands and we won”“Tini Stoessel must be in the next game. Forgive us!”, I love Tini Stoessel in all games. I don’t care what he has to do, he suspends him,” were some of the comments on Twitter.

Tini Stoessel’s father defended the singer after being criticized by Nik

Of all the criticism it has received Tini Stoessel After Argentina’s loss to Saudi Arabia, there was one that especially caught the attention of his family. It was a comment from Nick.

The comedian manifested himself on social media and was very hard on the singer. “Please, Take off De Paul’s ‘Tini’ boots and put the real ones on them. #Qatar2022,” Nik tweeted about Rodrigo De Paul’s boots, which are stamped with a triple T.

The artist’s father Alexander Stosselcame out to defend his daughter and repudiated the comedian’s comment.

“I wanted to tell you my surprise after reading your tweet related to Rodri’s boots mentioning Tini,” the producer explained.

“I think both you and I know what it stands for be attacked by networks. I know your profession is humor, but it would have been prudent to avoid generalizing bullying,” he added.

“Ale, you have to block and mute accounts! Crazy!” said Tini’s mother, Mariana Muzlera.

Source: Clarin

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