Type 2 diabetes: the diet with plant proteins that would prevent its appearance

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A new study on type 2 diabetes says following a diet low carb plant based decrease the risk of developing this disease.

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It is necessary to remember, as the site Medical News Today points out, that 95% of people with this condition have this variety that develops when a person’s body stops responding to insulin – the hormone that regulates blood glucose levels produced by the cells of the pancreas.

According to information from the center of the United States Center for Disease Studies, it commonly develops after age 45, although it is becoming more common in younger people.

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The diet that keeps diabetes away

The aforementioned clinical study was published by JAMA Network Open Diabetes and Endocrinology suggests that the reduction in the risk of developing diabetes occurs not only with a low-carb diet. If not, it also has to do with the type of food consumed.

In this sense, he adds that in this diet the consumption of plant protein, which is known as a plant-based or plant-based diet.

Commenting on these findings, Dr Eamon Laird, a visiting researcher at Trinity College Dublin in Ireland who was not involved in the study, told Medical News Today: ‘It’s a very complex issue. We already know that eating whole grains and other plant-based foods is good for reducing the risk of diabetes.”

It is also known that Maintaining a healthy weight, improving your diet, and following an active lifestyle are essential in preventing type 2 diabetes.

risk factors for diabetes 2

The place Medical News Today distinguished the causes that increase the risk of suffering from this disease. Among these factors are:

– Be over 45 years old.

– Have a family history of the condition.

– A sedentary life.

– Being obese or overweight, especially that this excess is around the stomach.

– Have low levels of HDL or “good” cholesterol.

– Have high triglyceride levels.

Source: Clarin

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