They claim that Tomás Holder wrote a private message to a famous woman: what did he say?

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In the last hours Florence de la Ve found out that Thomas Owner She wrote a message on Instagram to a famous local show business and was surprised by the message that the former Big Brother participant allegedly said to this celebrity.

In Intruders (America, 1.30pm) they presented a riddle of two celebrities who didn’t say hello at Ricky Martin’s recital and in the middle of the news, the host interrupted to say he also had a riddle to crack.

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“Do you have Holder? He wrote to a bomb…He did it to congratulate her. I don’t know if it was a wish or…” the driver begins. “Mmm, poor girl. Weren’t you in love?” commented Gonzalo Vázquez, speaker of the cycle, as he passed.

The fact is that, obviously, Holder has said he was happily in love since he entered Big Brother and after his exit from the reality show he confirmed it on more than one occasion. But apparently, according to what was told to Intruders, the young man from Rosario would be flirting with a character from the show.

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“It was quite a warm message. I don’t know whether to tell you what he said to you. It’s quite debatable … Very much, because it doesn’t seem to me that she received any compliments. Besides, I tell you, it was out of place,” Florencia detailed the message Holder wrote to this famous person in question.

“Did you congratulate her on something work or something physical?” Virginia Gallardo asked. “Physical. What Holder told him was … and listen because he had a lot of sensitivity and tact. ‘You’re good enough, stay good enough despite the years,'” said Flor.

And he concluded: “When I tell you who the lady is, they will say ‘what a misplaced'”. The truth is that the program has ended and the host has left the enigmatic open. Who will have written one of the most controversial characters of the new edition of Big Brother?

Tomás Holder has explained why he retired from the media after being excluded from Big Brother

A few days ago, Tomás Holder made a round trip with his followers on Instagram and there the young man from Rosario answered some questions about his life after Big Brother, after having stayed away from media exposure for several weeks .

The influencer said he returned to his hometown after being eliminated in the first instance and preferred to stay away for a while. “I’m in Rosario. It’s hard to be on the road all the time. I’d have to live there again for that,” he explained.

Then one user asked, “Did you quit all your media exposure and work for your girlfriend?” “Not for her, but for love. Sometimes it’s difficult to carry on a long-distance relationship. And even if I think I’m in a good moment in my career, I can’t put aside what is fundamental in life: love “, he said. Holder.

And then he clarified that his partner, Paula Balbi, is fundamental in his life and that for this reason he has not yet moved from Rosario: “In Buenos Aires I have everything except something…”. Eventually, he acknowledged that he would make that decision when his girlfriend finished studying her career.

Source: Clarin

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