Spotify has published its financial statements for the year: who is the most listened to Argentinian in the world

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bizarre was the most listened to Argentine artist in the world, Puerto Rican rapper Bad bunny the most played in the world and the podcast the Hangover by Migue Granados was the local favorite and number 50 internationally, according to data shared by the Spotify platform on listener preferences in 2022.

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In Argentina, Spotify revealed it the urban genre was consolidated among the preferences of listeners, showing that the most listened to artist in the country in 2022 was Bad Bunny, followed by Duki and Maria Becerra.

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Shortly after the end of the year, the music platform with more than 456 million users worldwide, revealed a report detailing what was being listened to in the country and around the world.

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The this year’s most played songs in the country They also had an Argentinian label: the most played song was by Bizarrap, with his Session #52 with Quevedo, followed by The bachata by Manuel Turizo and again Bizarrap with his #48 collaboration with Tiago PZK, a session that also ranked 39th in Chile, 5th in Spain and 20th in Peru.

As for the women artists within the local Top 50, Maria Becerra corona 2022 takes third place in the local ranking with 653.8 million cumulative views, Tini is in seventh place with over 408.2 million and Nicki Nicole with over 304.9 million.

in the universe of podcasts, the Hangover by Migue Granados, which this year was recognized by the Buenos Aires Legislature, was the most listened to in Argentina and also ranks 50th in the world rankings.


On the international scene, Bizarrap has managed to be the most listened to Argentine artist in the world in 2022, ranked 49th, followed by duki (position 71) e Maria Becerra (number 110).

For its part, the RKT style has positioned itself this year within the Spotify charts, where the theme stood out your turret de Rei together with Callejero Fino. This genre that blends the culture of reggaetón and cumbia is presented as a growing movement in Argentina with artists such as La Joaqui, Kaleb Di Masi and DJ Tao.

Globally in plays, this year the Puerto Rican rapper Bad bunny is the artist with the most views on the platform – more than 18.5 million – followed by Taylor Swift, Drake, The Weeknd and BTS.


Source: Clarin

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