Dead Aldo Albamonte, historic producer of “Intruders”: the farewell of celebrities

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Aldo Albamontebetter known as “Tano”, passed away on Tuesday at the age of 74 following two cerebrovascular accidents. There have been many journalists who have expressed their pain on the networks.

It should be noted that although Albamonte has historically been a journalistic producer of intruders (America, Monday to Friday at 1:30 pm), worked in the last few years The nine It’s inside FM late.

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Although he was retired, the producer and journalist continued to work in the radio cycle of Emiliano Rella It’s inside afternoon of 9 cycle driven by Pia Slapka and Tomás Dente on Saturday and Sunday for The ninehired by Mandarin.

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He was also a member of OPEN and at one point several years ago he even served on the board of directors. Much of his journalism career was spent in the newspaper Crónica y in television he took his first steps as a journalistic producer of voicesthe program that Carlos Monti and Susanna Roccasalvo Have been driving for over ten years.

“I want to dedicate the last moments to Claudia and Guido, wife and son of Tano Albamonte,” he said. Headquarters flower after Thursday’s broadcast.

“He was part of this program and there are many people here who are sad that he is leaving and we want to remember it like this, ”said the driver.

The pain of the famous for the death of Aldo “Tano” Albamonte

Aldo Albamonte has spent a lifetime working in the media, here’s why links forged with many entertainment figures and journalists.

News of the producer’s death at the age of 74 shocked his former teammates and there were many who demonstrated on social networks to express their pain.

“Sad day. Aldo Albamonte died. It was part of my personal and professional history. We have known each other for 35 years. We have shared since then Chronicle a intruders. A good boy. We’ll miss him. My hug to his wife and his son. A kiss where you are, Tano,” he wrote George Rialformer driver of intrudersOn Twitter.

Louis VenturaFor his part, he was also very hurt: “My friend and companion Aldo Albamonte has left… I cry for him and go look for him wherever he is… Américo Barrios’ nephew takes many hours of my life, how it hurts!!!”.

Rodrigo Lussich was another of those who remembered the beloved producer. “We are all very moved by the passing of dear Aldo Albamontetender companion,” expressed the driver of show partners (El Trece, Monday to Friday at 10) on the bird’s social network.

And he continued: “In my case during the period of faced. A very lovable being and a man of this means. My hug to his family and the memory of a divine boy. RIP”.

“Today is a very sad day personally. Tano Albamonte is gone. I am speechless mourn him and remember all the moments we shared from the diary Chronicle As far as intruders. A life on this road. Until we meet again. Go in peace. A big hug to Claudia and Guido”, was the message from Daniele Ambrosino.

HI, I AM!!! Goodbye friend friend and master of this craft of production!!! RIP TANO ALBAMONTE… my heartfelt hug for you,” he wrote Mariano Iúdica.

“We wanted to send a big kiss to the family of Aldo Albamonte, a much loved man in America. And a hug to my colleague Luis Ventura, a great friend of Aldo. In recent days Luis had been very affected by the situation of his friend“, She said Karina Mazzocco in in the afternoon (America, Monday to Friday at 3.45pm).

“We were all shocked”assured Cora Debarbieri, rapporteur of the America cycle.


Source: Clarin

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