Cata’s girlfriend told intimacy of the Big Brother participant

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invited to THEY (America, Monday to Friday at 8pm) Solitude, the girlfriend of Mary Laura from Big Brother, he recounted the details of the relationship they are in. Also, He explained why he uploaded a tweet where he mentioned Cata (as the participant is known) was “toxic.”

“It was the moment of heat, but then I realized they showed a part of what she said. We all have a part of jealousy in a relationship. Who isn’t jealous? But none of us are sickly jealous‘ he replied when asked about his reaction on Twitter.

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About how they met, he said that “We will celebrate two years together. We met playing soccer in a tournament. We were missing players and Cata came with a friend. Since then we have begun to get along very well. He is very pleasant to deal with and always has anecdotes to tell.. Laugh with her.”

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“That’s why I’m surprised at how it looks inside the house. It doesn’t quite match how it is. I assure you that the day Cata comes out and they actually meet her, they’ll change their minds“Sun ventured.

“The question of goals plays a lot but we have to keep it in mind they change a lot about what goes on inside the house and show you as a villainwhen maybe you’re not,” she added on how the public views some of her partner’s attitudes.

So Sol sent greetings to Nazarena Velez Already Janina Latorre and replied when asked about Cata’s intuition, that he told his companions He felt that his girlfriend was with another one outside the house.

I’ve never been unfaithful to Cata. I was laughing when she said she had a feeling I cheated on her. And with that tweet that she said she was toxic, I think she’ll laugh when she reads the tweet. It was like an impulse that I had, not being used to being in the way, but then it just exploded with everything,” she acknowledged.

Criticism of the Big Brother speakers

They also asked him how he likes speakers from Big Brother. “For me I don’t like Marisa Brel because he takes sides and I think as a rapporteur you can have an opinion, but not campaign for someone. But she tweets to get someone out and that doesn’t work‘ she complained.

Then Soledad gave an example with a similar situation: “I was at the elimination gala on Sunday and Santiago del Moro They gave him a T-shirt from a participant. Y She said she wasn’t wearing it because she didn’t want to take sides with anyone“.

Laura Ubfal I like it because it tells it like it is. Analía Franchín does not suit meY Nancy Pazos I like him too. I like him for the opinions he gives, “surprised Ángel de Brito.

He was later reported to have different attitudes from his partner inside the house. Especially when he talks about their relationship. “I’m attending, but before entering the house we weren’t very well. I have a feeling he’s with someone else“, commented Cata to her companions.

“But did you see that he misses me?” Sol said as soon as they returned from the tape. “Everything escalates inside. She’s been in the house for a month and a half. I am very suspicious, perhaps because I have had bad experiences in previous relationships. With Cata it doesn’t happen to me, ”she explained.

Although he quickly acknowledged that “EIt is true that I am capable of being a little heavy when I ask him a lot when he’s coming out and stuff, but I don’t consider myself toxic.”

She said she was a little adventurous and maybe that makes me wonder sometimes. Perhaps she just didn’t feel stable with someone and now that she’s managed to whiten her situation that’s a big step. And that gives me security as a couple,” she concluded.


Source: Clarin

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