Big Brother 2022: screams, insults, threats and crying inside the house

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The beginning of Big Brother in its Thursday edition, it left the speakers speechless, who could not believe what had happened. What was seen on the tape you requested Santiago del Moro was a tremendous argument between several members from the house

Although this time they have crossed some limits, since not only Alpha almost came to blows with the Coneafter insulting each other face to face, but many of them were scolded for their attitude when they left the game where they had to earn the week’s budget for food.

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“I have full eggs and they blame me”Alpha exploded, facing the Cone, who was standing face to face and, insulting him, also faced him with shouts.

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Romina and Nacho also had a very strong fight on the attitude of the week’s leader, who got out of bed and left the test, resigned because he felt they wouldn’t be able to complete it. For this reason, the former deputy entered the chamber crying, tired of the fights and reproaches from her colleagues.

After Agustín faced Alfa, who once again threatened to leave the house because “I don’t want to be insulted or said badly”. Angry, “Frodo” challenged Alpha: “Always pretend you want to leave. Pack your things and go right away”he said to the shouts.

Apologies from Alexis

Later, Santiago del Moro entered the house and told the participants about what had happened. It was evident that the atmosphere was tense and it was Romina who recognized it. “I had a bad time today. TWe all need to talk because everything is getting out of hand. And we don’t want it to end like this. Everything was escalating and if we don’t stop it they will go to blows”, reflected the former deputy.

Alfa immediately added that “Everything is complicated. I tried to put on cold cloths and not get out of my axis, because I admit to being horny. We have to talk to rebuild,” Romina agreed.

“We have to reorganize ourselves and put in place a regulation of coexistence and respect”, added the leader of the week. Cata added that “The way they are pronounced is also crucial. There is a lack of cooperation from some and there are things they cannot afford‘ she complained.

Then Alexis acknowledged that “I’m a person who is not one to fight, but I keep things to myself. Sometimes I build up and then I explode and say insults to another person. I apologize if I left my mouth, but that’s not something I feel, it was fever. It’s not the way. Apologies to Alpha for the discussion. What happened remains on the field and already this afternoon we shook hands with Alfa”.

In any case, Romina said that what happened did not affect her decision to save a participant from the pot, in her capacity as leader. “The plaque is complicated because there are named people that I love very much. I thought about who I will save based on the possibilities that everyone has to continue at home”.

So Santiago del Moro asked him to give the name of who he is not going to save and leave on a plate. Y The former deputy mentioned Nacho.“I have other colleagues with whom I have generated ties and affection before with him. Now I’m fine, but it’s more recent,” he explained about his decision.

The test they could not pass

The goal of the weekly budget test had to do with spending twelve hours above the bed with six participants, which they could not obey because they immediately realized that they were very uncomfortable. Not even trying to see what their margin of error was and how many they could get out of bed.

I measure 1.90 and when we went to bed we felt like we weren’t going to make it. We saw it very complicated, plus everything that comes from drag, it was like lighting the fuse,” said Alfa. To which the driver explained that the test is done all over the world and that they didn’t know how to play to be able to do it to respect it.


Source: Clarin

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