Big Brother 2022: the surprising decision of Romina, who saved Coti from the pot

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As leader of the week, Romina had the chance to save one of his teammates among the five named on next Sunday’s elimination plate: Nacho, Cata, Coti, Daniela and Alfa.

The first name that Romina did when Santiago del Moro asked him to choose who he will not save, without hesitation she chose Nacho. “My decision has to do with how I got along with Nacho from the start. While I have more affinity with him in recent days, there are others I get along with from the start,” he said. .

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A few minutes later, the driver returned to the house and asked him to add a new name to be put on the list for next Sunday. without hesitation, Romina chose Cataso that she too would continue to be nominated alongside Nacho.

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Although they did not ask her to argue for this decision, she surprised many of the panelists in the debate, as they felt that the relationship between them was excellent and that IMaría Laura’s strategy since Romina became leader has been to get even closer to her. This is why most of them assumed they would be saved, which they ultimately didn’t.

Then Santiago asked him to add a new name and The former deputy added Daniela to the list, so Alfa and Coti remained lasta situation that created confusion between the speakers and the program host, who admitted that “I thought I was saving Cata, yet she left Coti”.

Then the speakers agreed that he would have saved Alfa, beyond the political fracture existing between the former deputy K and Walter, a self-confessed anti-Peronist. The only one who played for Coti was Sol Pérez.

Towards the end of the show Romina finally declared who was saving from the pot. He was surprised when he chose Cotileaving Alpha, one of his main allies inside the house, for what people have to choose their down vote next Sunday between Nacho, Cata, Daniela and Walter.

“The person I leave is because I have a lot of faith and he will show me that he will stay. I remove Coti from the plate“, Romina justified herself. “I’m happy. Yesterday I had a different thought and today I saw it more clearly,” said Coti.​

“Are you angry? I know you’re not leaving, that’s why I saved Coti”Romina explained to Alfa, who couldn’t get over her astonishment at the situation.

Romina burst into tears and asked for a meeting between all of them.

Before choosing who will save on board, Romina was very impressed by the strong brawl that took place inside the housewhen participants dropped out of the budget test by giving up because they felt they could not meet it.

This has generated friction and quarrels between many of the “little brothers”, who They blamed themselves for not leaving everything and see the cost of food for next week capped at 50% of your budget.

Alfa and Alexis almost came to blows in the middle of a loud argument that included name-calling between the two. Later, Agustín joined the dispute and told Alfa to stop threatening to leave, and that if this is really his wish for her, she should fulfill it once and for all.

Also Romina had a fierce confrontation with Nachowho attributed the bad attitude to having left the test without worrying about the consequences this would have had in the amount of food for everyone.

And although the former deputy is always strong and confident, this time she collapsed when she entered the room and cried about the situation.


Source: Clarin

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