Chespirito, chronicle of an Argentine bond: dictatorship, football, scams and memes

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“Can I take a picture with you?” a man with sideburns asks the cast of The childwhich is on tour in Argentina in 1987. “This photo will soon be in the Casa Rosada”, Rioja boasts of the pronounced “r”. Roberto Gómez Bolaños laughs at the “miscellaneous president” shown by the strange fan, but years later he will save the character in his book about him. It is about the presumptuous Carlos Saúl Menem.

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Eight years after the death of Chapulín’s father, there is a little-promoted “chespipedia” in Argentina. Wanting without wanting, the biography of Don Shakespirito (sweetly Castilian as Chespirito) is a 207-page document that delves deeper than the depths of TV myth. Give paragraphs of a gloomy Argentina and a little-known bond, with various political entanglements.

Luis Sandrini, Diego Maradona, Susana Giménez and Nahuel Huapi were also part of the strong celestial and white bond, which began for Bolaños in Mexican theaters by admiring Sandrini’s stammer.

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With the recent World Cup crossing between the Argentine and Mexican national teams, the spirit of Bolaños lives on in all kinds of memes and attacks. Malvinas and Messi were left in the middle of a horrific viral contest, with boxer Canelo at the helm. Impossible not to think what Chespirito would have thought, prisoner of something more complex than a football rivalry.

Many do not know that the former worker of the rebar and steel goods factory who traded rivets for scripts sat at the military table and was also a victim of the Creole vivacity of the seventies. The file confirms this: a group of troubled parents bought tickets in the late seventies and fell into the trap that made the children kick: The promise of seeing Mexican idols who have never appeared in the shows.

The producer Marín, De Lorenzo y Asociados, holder of the rights in our country at the time, denounced the scandal, the proliferation of circus advertisements that used the image of Chapulín “in what constitutes a scam”, read the newspapers of 1979 That year there was an explosive debut in the temple of boxing.

Chespirito knocked out the jaws that November 9, 10 and 11 at Luna Park. It will return in December 1980, with other dates in the same stadium and will repeat itself in 1987. The phenomenon deserved more than the navel presentations of Buenos Aires, that’s why there were tours of Bahía Blanca, Tucumán, Santiago del Estero, Salta , Rosario, Mendoza, Cordoba .

At the Estudiantes stadium, in 1979, there was a privileged spectator,

Source: Clarin

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