Yanina’s World Cup: The one who breaks it in the national team is the little boy Mac Allister who came to my house?

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Today I am calm and reserved. We won, my love. The only thing that makes me a little angry is that we don’t have much time to rest, they agree with me staircases. This business thing fifa which he put together with world in the middle of the desert in a hurry means that the players have to take the field and we have to suffer again, but hey, we knew it would be like this. I told them I hadn’t guess but the reality is that i’m a pancake and i’m already repeating everything i did before every game.

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The triumph against Poland It was great, there was a combination between the players and the ball that I loved. I saw a lot of confidence and the feeling of a great team from start to finish, without being too dependent Messi, this is very good. The best in the field were Giuliano Alvarez Y Enzo Fernández. Everything went so well that Leo saved a penalty (please, the Polish goalkeeper looked like Superman) and they managed to bounce back.

There was no way to score a goal, I said ‘the little boy Mac Allister’ looked to make it 1-0. Why am I telling him like this? It’s just that I’ve known him since he was little. Oh how old and big a botinera I am, I can’t believe how time flies. Colorado Mac Allister, the father, who played Boca with my husband, came to my house and brought the three children, who were three pitons to me. It so happens that at that time I had not yet had children. So I said: “Oh, these three kids who act like a vegetable garden…”. Now, the happiness this man gave me against Poland! I loved it. I couldn’t believe that little boy who came to my house to smash cherries today would make me the happiest woman alive. What peace of mind when Argentina wins, what a pleasure. We won the way Diego and I like it, in this World Cup and in this section, the second person who knows the most about football at home.

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I spoke to Diego to see what he thinks of my columns. He says I’m getting better every time, I ask him everything, I’m a hardworking botinera. I drill him and he drills me with the cooking theme. Because he is useless, poor, like all footballers. These guys can’t even tie their shoes because they have the prop next to them, they are lazy and comfortable. It’s amazing, it’s like the guy who works in an office doesn’t know how to tie a tie! Anyway, we women are at it, the props and all the stocking suckers, which is full of those in the football milieu. Question that my husband can’t cook but he has had to stay in an apartment this year, not a hotel, so he’s more lost than ever.

Poor Diego, the first day he made rice he skipped the portions and cooked for about twenty people. I had to explain to him to take less, to use the wells, I sent him the videos so he learned to use the washing machine, everything. Thankfully, hopefully with Australia, my children will travel there and keep them company. The whole family will gather except me, who stay in Buenos Aires to work like a slave.

Oh, Australia… In the previous match we should have been calm, especially with how Argentina are playing. They have a similar style to Poland but will do anything to surprise. You have to play patiently, remember that there is an extension and try to avoid penalties. The last match against Poland was strange because we are used to suffering, so as not to have to depend on Dibu Martínez in the round of 16.

Ah, these days I’m dead with photos of Antonela challenging her children with Messi. Poor woman, everyone is watching her and her family’s every move. The boys behave for the garden and it is logical because they are bored. Boys make me very tender but they are like that. I always say that I appreciate that when Diego was playing we didn’t have the boys yet because he would have been worse than Antonela, they end up putting me in jail for mistreatment. Don’t disturb her, poor girl, I send her a kiss, I love her.

Speaking of Messi, the meeting with Lewandowski was positive. Players are like that, in the game they are crazy and it is typical that when they are hit they do not accept excuses. My husband was the same, they are annoying, they want to kill each other when their ball is taken away. I think Messi thinks differently when he’s cold, and I like that he has codes and doesn’t count for anything. It’s hot, typical of people who compete all the time. This is what Messi does, and it’s ours. You have to have fun. And if we blew a kiss to Canelo last week, now we’re sending it to Lewandowski. Cabals must be maintained! Come on Argentina, to continue supporting the national team!

Source: Clarin

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