Falcioni’s board: Australia is a rival that shouldn’t be underestimated and if there are penalties, we trust Dibu

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In view of Poland the national team has played its best game so far in the World Cup. And this is always positive news, especially if reached days before playing the round of 16. The team had to have it again aggression, both in maneuverability and recovery, and in depth. He made it. The work of the central defenders was very good: they didn’t let Lewandowski move. And in midfield we had good circulation with Mac Allister and De Paul, who played a dedicated and productive game. Upstairs, Julián Álvarez provided the usual mobility.

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He comes Australia now, a rival that cannot be underestimated. I don’t think he will play the way he played, with a 4-4-1-1 with fast starts and a permanent exchange of wingers. I saw the match against Denmark and, when he took the lead, the coach removed the midfielder to put in a central defender and put together a 5-man line. With that movement he gained solidity. This can be an alternative. The other that incorporates a midfielder to put together a 4-5-1. Scaloni said it in a conference: almost all of them change shape when they collide with Argentina.

Facts to keep in mind this afternoon: Australia start well with wings and good pressure in the center of the pitch. On the contrary, they showed some trouble when they attacked him from the sides​, especially in the right sector of their defence, and they usually leave gaps between the lines if they press forward in the centre. Speed ​​of circulation will be of the essence.

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The first thing Argentina should do is take center stage, just like it did against Poland. Apart from a few name changes, the team will play with the same idea. The full-backs, both Molina and Acuña, will have the opportunity to be deep. We need to control the center forward so that he doesn’t hold the ball and allows the midfielders to attack. This has been done very well against Lewandowski, he insists.

It’s difficult to know which team Argentina will play with because you have to be inside to make decisions. The midfielders did it very big wear against Poland and there wasn’t much recovery time. Paredes entered well and will be a valid alternative. I don’t think Di María will play because it could aggravate the injury. Also, there are variations. One could be the entry of Paredes to put together a line of 4 midfielders, with De Paul and Mac Allister on the flanks. This he did against Poland.

Another possibility could be to pair Lautaro Martínez with Álvarez. There are also Ángel Correa and Thiago Almada. Whatever Scaloni decides will go well.

Argentina had the support of the public and against Australia it will be the same. The “resistance” always helps, much more with this sequence of matches so close together. The blow against Saudi Arabia was felt by the players and also by the fans who are in Qatar. The possibility of being shut out in the first round brought out the best in everyone.. The team broadcasts and this is reflected in the stands. Or in the banderazos, which take place almost every day. Everything comes; it all adds up. However, the main thing is work.

Honestly, I don’t think about penalties. Let’s hope we don’t get to that stage because it would be further wear and tear. The matches are now 100 minutes long and another 30 should be added. Regardless of what one thinks and says, they always work on that aspect. In any case, no situation can be compared to what was experienced in the field. How do you simulate the stress of walking or the seconds before football in front of the watchful eye of 50,000 people on the pitch and I don’t know how many through a television? Impossible.

Otherwise, Dibu Martínez He has shown that he is capable of dealing with these situations; He is an archer ready to give solutions. Australia have a substitute goalkeeper who came on penalties against Peru and moves to the goal line. It seems to dance. Now, after that key, the rule has changed and he won’t be able to do it, in case the coach decides to insert him. But let’s hope we don’t get to this stage. We trust.

Source: Clarin

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