The abysmal difference in market value between the teams of Argentina and Australia

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The round of 16 is underway. They start this Saturday with pure football. Y Lionel Messi’s Argentina & company will make this first step into the knockout stages after finishing top of Group C against Australia, who finished second in Group D. There were strong sides who were surprisingly – or not so quickly – away , such as Germany, Belgium and Uruguay. And others have broken in to try and make this their World Cup. For this reason, in this 16 cast key, there is data crossroads between historical powers and rivals with less shooting at the World Cup. This is the case with the key to Argentina.

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It is clear that after the setback he received against Saudi Arabia in his debut, nothing should be taken for granted a priori. To trust would be a complete mistake, as Lionel Scaloni himself said. But in the previous one there are unavoidable questions to analyze the qualitative and hierarchical difference between one campus and another.

Australia managed to qualify for the round of 16 for the second time in their history and will face Messi’s team, no more, no less. They will try to give a new success in the World Cup of achievements. Albiceleste DT has already said that in ocean games they become strong as a group. Now, name for name, Argentina is superior.

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According to the transfer site TransferRoom. comAustralia have a current market value 18 times less than the team of staggered. This site uses the crossroads of several factors to reach an evaluation of each footballer which contemplates the value of his last transfer, his current level, the level of the club he plays for, his age, position, his projection of sales, his current contract, among other factors.

Based on this assessment, 15 of the 26 Australian national team players (most of whom play in their local league or overseas promotion) have a current market value of less than $1m.

The most valued today is the long central defender harry sudtar of Stoke City’s second in England, valued at 6 million euros. Together with his teammate behind, Kye Rowlesof Heart of Scotland, were instrumental in keeping the barrier unbeaten in their last two first stage matches. The market price of Rowles is 640 thousand euros.

In total, again according to the calculation reference used by this transfer market site consulted by many European clubs and agents, the squad of Australia has a transfer expectation value of around €36m, while that of the Argentina national team is a total of €643m.

Six Argentinian players have a higher current market expectation value than the entire Australian squad. They are Lautaro Martínez (73.8 million euros), Lisandro Martínez (69.8 million euros), Cristian Romero (61.5 million euros), Enzo Fernández (42.7 million euros), Julián Álvarez (42, 6 million euros), Alexis Mac Allister (42 million euros). Messi’s estimated value is 14 million, taking into account his age and the fact that he went from Barcelona to PSG for free, again following the calculation of expectations made by TransferRoom. com.

Since arriving at Qatar 2022, the Australian team has been active on their networks. He has opened a TikTok account and provides content there for his fans to take advantage of this moment and increase popularity in the virtual age.

And this one-on-one with Argentina, which will be watched by the entire football planet, will have them at the center and that’s why they will want to get the most out of trying to be David and show that they can defeat Goliath.

Doha, Qatar. Special delivery.

Source: Clarin

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