Carmen Barbieri’s strong confession on Santiago Bal: ‘I planned how I was going to kill him’

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A meeting that has been talked about for some time finally took place this week. Carmen Barbieri visited THEY (America, Monday to Friday at 8pm) and in dialogue with panache angel He recalled his separation from Santiago Bal.

the driver of very morning (Ciudad Magazine, Monday to Friday at 10) was encouraged to talk about everything without filters. De Brito reviewed his quarrels with show business personalities and, at one point, asked him why Ayelen Paleo.

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It must be remembered that in 2011 Barbieri and Santiago Bal announced their separationafter 26 years of love, in the midst of a media scandal due to the director’s infidelity with Paleo.

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“Ayelén Paleo, you see her today, and?” Angel wanted to know. “And I don’t recognize her. She has had so many surgeries that I don’t recognize her,” the former lookout replied humorously.

And he continued: “He lost weight, everything. He has a body … she He did very well to shit on me Santiago. He traded this for that, he’s a barbarian.”

“Now it’s divine, beautiful. It’s Alf, the face is Alf but the body is beautiful,” he began.

Quickly the driver of very morning He made a clarification and a request to viewers: “Now don’t come and criticize me because I criticize another woman. He entered my house and started a quilombo“.

Regarding how long the love story between the media and the director lasted, Carmen assured that she was not very clear: “For me, Santiago fell in love with her. He says nothing ever happened and I believe her. And I also believe Santiago that he said he paid $2,000 pesos an hour. I think the two separately.”

Leaving humor and irony behind, Carmen became more serious and recalled the pain she felt after separating from the father of her child and declared that she was “crazy” for a year and a half after breaking up with her partner for more than 20 years. years.

“I have nothing against her. I couldn’t believe Santiago had left me. He was 20 years older than me, I gave my life for that man. Then he died in my arms…”, he reflected.

Soon after, the interviewee recalled what it was like when Bal left her: “I made him a meatloaf the night before with mashed sweet potatoes, he ate and left the next day.”

“He left me the other day. Everything was so good in my house. I said ‘Did I get the food wrong?'” he was honest.

De Brito revealed that he was very surprised in 2011 when he found out about the split due to how beautiful the couple looked at the time. Then Fede Bal’s mother surprised with a strong statement: “I planned to kill Santiago, I planned everything, even how I was going to kill him”.

“It’s more, I would have stood by and watched as he died because it is capable of resurrection. I spoke to my psychiatrist about it and he told me ‘the desire to kill someone and planning it is the beginning of madness’ and I told him ‘I will turn myself in, I have everything planned’,” Barbieri said.

And he continued: “I told him ‘I’m not crazy, I don’t want you to breathe the air I breathe on this planet. I want to cancel it’. He was going to stick a knife in him, he had thought well where and how long it would take him to die… 40 minutes, more or less”.

“I read and studied medicine and I knew where to hit him to make him die. And I hope that’s because he’s survived multiple cancers, everything,” she explained.

“I was so mad, so full of rage that I then walked away. My son made me react, shook me and said ‘Don’t you realize he stopped loving you a long time ago? That it’s nobody’s fault , ‘” he ruled.

Source: Clarin

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