Fabián Doman’s emotion after his resignation from Momento D

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On Fridays, Fabiano Doman He was in charge of Momento D for the last time (El Trece, 17.15) and, excited, he was fired from the program and the speakers who have accompanied him since February of this year.

The pilot was already planning to leave the cycle in early December, because he will devote himself completely to his work as president of Independiente, after winning the elections of the Avellaneda club last October.

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At the end of the program, Doman mentioned all the people who allowed the growth of the program in the afternoons of El Trece: “I will mention the production, but I will start with the directors, Gustavo Peduto and Raúl Rosales. Bettina Benítez on tape, Belén Gómez on graph, which I torture all the time. Since I watch television with no volume, I read the graphs. The same thing happens to you (addressing Silvia Fernández Barrio), we are elderly people”.

“To Josefina Genta, the genius of reportage; to Agustina Casanova, the idol who supported cell phones all year round. To Seba Carnevale, who was the first producer. And I ask for a round of applause for Juan Medina, our general producer , which I have since endured throughout the year”, he continued, listing and quoting the colleagues who were part of the cycle.

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So, made a separate paragraph to refer to the loop speakers, Silvia Fernández Barrio, Carmela Bárbaro, Pampito, Rulo Schijman, Gabriel Schultz Y Cinzia Fernandez.

And for you six, what will I tell you? The truth, you were chosen very quickly, and the truth is that we succeeded and it was extraordinary. You already know that if I go back to work I’ll call you», he praised them.

“Come back soon, please please,” said Schultz, who he first worked with and they got along so well that they both acknowledged they had struck up a friendship. “Always with a good atmosphere from the start”, it was spectacular, added Pampito.

Doman, who never ceased to thank, appreciated the work of each of his colleagues: “To Fernández Barrio, who is a genius, I’ve always wanted to work with you. To Rulo, who wouldn’t have been sitting here, but he is. Cinthia, I’ve never worked with before, I loved it.”

“To Pampito, that the truth is a genius and can have an excellent opinion of what he wants. He has shown that the Show is his habitat, but not his limit. What shall I say to Carmen? The one who jumps on top of the bombs. And to my new friend, Gaby Schultz, who I met on this show,” Doman thanked them.

Finally, he assured that he will devote himself fully to this new phase of Independiente’s policy, but he knows that he will soon return to television: “Thanks to everyone, I will always be a journalist, I will always be a television presenter. I’ll be back at some point.”

Source: Clarin

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