Energetic defense of Moria Casán after Alfa’s statements about a meeting with her

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Alpha from Big Brother 2022 (Telefe) once again flaunted her stories with show business personalities and ended up receiving a GPA lightning response from Moria Casanwho denied his statements about an alleged attempt to win her over to him.

In detail, the diva replied to Walter Santiago, who said so in the most famous house in the country she would offer him a coffee in the car to chat in the car several years ago.

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“The (car) window opens and it was Moria Casán. Automatically, I rolled down the window and said ‘Moria’. Because you see an acquaintance and he said to me ‘Hi, how are you, honey?the contestant began in a chat he had with Cata, Marcos and Julieta days ago.

Then, the 60-year-old player from Zona Norte explained that the car the former lookout was driving had belonged to a friend of his. “I asked her if she had bought it from Mariano, she confirmed and I told her I knew him,” he continued.

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“He said to me, ‘And where are you going now, honey?’ I had some chocolates in the glove compartment. I said “Now to my place” and threw a chocolate from car to car. But because it was Moria,” the contestant added.

And he closed: “I told him I was going home, but he replied: ‘Do not be silly. Come on, come on, follow me. I put first and went to hell. I went to my house.”

The unloading of Moria Casan

That story of the “little brother” greatly offended the One, who hastened to reply. “For all those asking me what Alfa said in the house about Mrs. Moria Casán. Here is Mo’s official word! Thank you,” she wrote on Twitter Maxi Cardacithe actress’s rep and host, and showed her defense.

In the text, she assured: “I am more and more affected by my fame. It’s not worth me answering a chabon locked up with chaboncitos who want fame, with a banana stereotype, Sarazero, bewildered cholulo, out of fashion, with white jeans, a fly that starts almost from the throat and a bandana that has to crush its neuron monkey, ah. Let Alfa win, it’s a bad year.”

“On the other hand, I don’t pick up people when I drive, I don’t drink coffee, I don’t say bonbons because I think it’s great And if someone tells me, I’ll get over it right away. I’ve never had a red car because it gives me River and I’m a booster,” she continued forcefully.

And said: “Hello, beautiful, he got what he wanted, let’s talk about him, call me, hang up and give you a nice ride so one day you will feel important”.

Furthermore, before finishing the letter that both she and her representative shared on their networks, the diva assured: “I do not consume GHI love (Santiago) del Moro, which looks super e It makes me tender that Alfa, in its desire for notoriety, mentions and flashes me with a situation he imagines, but makes me want him to win. I loved the climb of him up a vine.”

It is worth clarifying that Alfa usually talks on a daily basis about the dinners and lunches he has shared with many of them the most famous figures of the artistic environmentas well as the chance encounters he sometimes had with international stars due to mutual friendships or work.

Days ago, for example, the player said that Luis Miguel had gone to his wedding. “The real one or the one who imitates?, the one who imitates was capable and you never noticed it”, Agustín responded with extreme irony.


Source: Clarin

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