Home World News The lesson of Elena, a 20-year-old girl who is battling terminal cancer: “My will wins”

The lesson of Elena, a 20-year-old girl who is battling terminal cancer: “My will wins”

The lesson of Elena, a 20-year-old girl who is battling terminal cancer: “My will wins”

At only 16 years old the Spanish Elena Huelva You’ve been diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma, a type of cancer that forms in bone or the soft tissue around the bone. The young woman has therefore decided to make her illness visible on social networks to help other people who are going through a similar moment. Four years later, the woman has more than half a million followers on Instagram and her story has moved Spanish celebrities such as Sara Carbonero.

Despite the great adversity that cancer represents in a person’s life, and even more when it is diagnosed at a young age, Elena Huelva wanted to change her situation and told her story on social networks while maintaining a firm and positive attitude . The young woman captivated her followers with her big smile and her resilience and she made visible the resource problems that exist today in cancer research, and particularly Ewing’s sarcoma.

This Sunday, Elena Huelva worried her followers on social networks by revealing that her health has worsened in recent weeks. “Things are not going well, they found more disease in my trachea,” said the young woman on her Twitter and Instagram profiles. “It’s very dangerous, as you know, it’s where we breathe. I don’t need to say more,” Huelva added in the video. Social networks echoed the news and the Spanish’s followers wanted to show their support by turning the phrase into a ‘trend topic’ “My Wishes Win”. The ‘influencer’ has used this expression on several occasions, but it is not the only lesson he has given.

“Do not be sorry”

One of the most important messages that Elena Huelva wanted to send is that people with this type of disease continue to live life and enjoy it. In your case, in various statements made in public, you have ensured that you set out to live life to the fullest “despite what is happening to me” and He asks that no one be sorry when they read about his illness.

In this sense, the young woman has ensured that she likes to tell all the things she has done outside the hospital to demonstrate that her life does not revolve only around the disease. “My story is a hymn to life. And you have to live, and live in the present, you have to enjoy yourself,” Huelva said in a recent interview with the 20 Minutes portal.

“Life is memory”

Elena Huelva has compared life to surfing. For her, the moments that you experience every day are like waves: some will grab you well and it will be incredible to stay on them, others will “bounce” off you. Even so, the young lady believes that you have to enjoy every wave and be prepared for those waves that dramatically change from day to day.

Furthermore, the Spanish woman summarizes life as a set of memories that we carry with us in which the good times of the people around us always prevail and the love we feel for the different things of daily life. Because of this, she says she only won by having the opportunity to experience life and amass memories.

“You Can Be Afraid”

The visibility of mental health in cancer patients is another of the fields in which Elena Huelva has insisted for four years. This writer is not ashamed to show that there are times of recession and that it is not always good when a person is diagnosed with cancer. But she pointed out that there is no need to recreate it. When she’s feeling bad, she tells herself that she’ll let me feel like this for as long as it takes, but then she’ll see life in a different color.

As for fear, the Sevillian says that it is an inevitable feeling when a person is in a situation like this and says that it is important to know what they can feel to be able to better manage it and not get scared by fear .

“My Wins Win”

Undoubtedly his most significant phrase is “my desires win”. Elena Huelva herself claims that this sentence is what she said to her parents when she was hospitalized for the first time after she was diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma. She has always been clear that her desire for her is winning over any adversity such as punctures, pain, physical changes, sensations she had never experienced before. My wish wins is also the title of the book that you Huelva published earlier this year recounting your experience. As if that weren’t enough, the writer’s followers have used this same phrase on several occasions in which they wanted to show all their support and encouragement so that the Sevillian woman can overcome the disease.

Source: The Vanguard

Source: Clarin


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