Scandalous intersection: Yanina Latorre indicated Eliana Guercio and she answered him without filters

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The return of Eliana Guercio Argentina continues to generate controversy. After he refused to give a note to THEY (America, Monday to Friday at 20:00), now Yanina Latorre destroyed her in the nets and she answered him without a filter.

“Do you remember how it started? Look today THEY I’ll give you some refreshments. It went up at the cost of killing everyone“, Diego Latorre’s wife wrote on her Twitter account, and lit the fuse.

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With such an accusation, the speaker generated a debate on the networks and many came out to defend Eliana. However, she was herself who decided to answer him and generate even more controversy.

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“I’ll answer you, Yanu, why With my fame I bought my house. Then I fell in love, got married, started a family, accompanied my husband. Now I continue to happily accompany him to my country, where I returned to work without needing anyone’s life for it. clear? Weird, doesn’t ring a bell, does it?” wrote One Eye provocatively.

Then Latorre returned to the charge “We all know your fame, calm down. You look very happy. Amoooooooooooooor,” she added, piquantly.

“That’s right easy You are And yes, of course, less than I expected, Yanu. Good tomorrow I can continue to help you win the sleeveyou need me,” Eliana answered, not being left behind.

“And I was just warming up. You are very easy going. Next time you ask me something, like who I am, charm me so I find out“He added in another tweet, generating a loud repartee that many Twitter users also joined, defending both.

But then Latorre lashed out again: «I didn’t ask you for anything. And rest assured, the one who gave me orders was not born. Take a river”.

The origin of the conflict between Yanina Latorre and Eliana Guercio

The brawl between Yanina Latorre and Eliana Guercio broke out when, this Wednesday, the former lookout did not want to give an interview to THEY when he was leaving the radio program where he works with Santiago del Moro.

“Eli, dear, how are you?” the cyclist led by Ángel de Brito said to Eliana. “I don’t want to talk now, thank you”, she replied, having returned to Argentina in September with her husband, Sergio Romero, and their four children, after having lived abroad for 14 years.

But far from giving up, the reporter kept trying to talk to her. “Are you mad? Are you mad about something?” he told her. “I can’t believe it, I swear. It’s zero respect. What should I talk about even if I don’t want to talk? I tell you that I have to go urgently, do not insist ”, Eliana reiterated.

“You chase me with a camera when you see I’m wrong and put a microphone on me. This is very gross. i’m shit“He then launched himself, without filters, towards the reporter who was trying to get his statements.

After the strong crossing, Guercio released a statement on the social networks of THEY where in a comment of a post he criticized notero’s execution.

“When he saw me face to face at the radio station door, he didn’t speak to me. He waited two lanes to yell at me. I raised my hand, said hello, and told her I was in a hurry. Then she turns on the camera and cums. I had an emergency and he pretended I explained the urgency to him. Are we all crazy? Doesn’t that seem like a lot to you already?“, he wondered.

Long ago they forgot that I was always there. Up to 20 days pregnant at 8 months… Now, let me sound rude, by telling one side and keeping silent about the other. Thank you. Is it necessary to continue harnessing me?” she added.

And he concluded: “They’re already on all the portals, it shows I must have been an HDP with you, great. Thank you”.


Source: Clarin

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