The popular saga starring Ben Stiller arrives on Disney+ as an animated film

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disney plus it will be out this friday December 9th the new animated film “A Night at the Museum: Ethe return of Kahmunrah”after the success of his three films between 2006 and 2014.

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The comedy is directed by Matthew Dannerwith a script created by Ray DeLaurentis and Will Schifrin.

The return of this magical adventure returns to fascinate all the little ones even if, this time, without the protagonist, Ben Stiller.

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The Return of Kahmunrah: Synopsis

Nick Daley is the son of Larry Daley, the most mythical museum guard in history. He now wants to follow in his father’s footsteps and be the nightly guardian of the incredible American Museum of Natural History.

The young man already knows about the magic that happens in the establishment after dark, so Nick is happy to see his old friends like Teddy, Sacagawea and Rex.

But the evil Kahmunrah returns with an evil plan to free his Army of the Dead and it’s up to Nick to stop the Governor and save the museum.

official trailer


  • Joshua Bassett
  • Jamie Demetrius
  • Alice Isaac
  • gilian jacobs
  • Joseph Camal
  • Thomas Lennon
  • Zechariah Levi
  • Akmal Saleh
  • Kieran Sequoia
  • Jack Whitehall
  • bowen yang
  • Steve Zahn


The movie lasts a total of one hour and 17 minutes and you can have fun disney plus.

Source: Clarin

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