Because it’s worth watching Smiley, the Netflix series about the many forms of love

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Spanish series in stream there are so many Series on love between two men, also. Even between two women. Series that rock the waters of sexual diversity, not to mention. And so. But one that combines all this in unequal doses perhaps, for now, there is only Smileybrand new Netflix premiere.

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It’s not a must, but it’s worth itas they say in Spain, for “go out”. It’s not one of those “Flip”but yes, it’s a “cool” series.. And yes, with faces already known to many Argentines.

series of eight episodeswho move between 30 and 40 minutes, revolves around a gay couplewith a gloss over other same-sex relationships, but he does not lose sight of all possible love bonds.

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Hero Carlo Cuevasthe smartest and most provocative student that Merlí had, smiley he chose a modern dynamic to tell, in an initial interweaving key, how love and heartbreak are experienced in times of claiming diversity. There is no drop in line, there is freedom.

The proposal -based on a play by Guillem Clua- entertains and invites you to rethink fragments of old social and cultural prejudices, without wanting to be a manifesto on the LGBTQ+ universe. Nor is it a romance novel with good guys, bad guys, and villains.

It approaches love from another angle, with colorful characters and with second and third line pairs of the story that surely leave the viewer wanting more screen.

Supported in the image with emoticons and highly recognizable signs of social networks, smiley it is framed tales of modern times. But curiously, Alex, the central character played by Cuevas, chooses a landline phone, corded and all, to leave a message. A spiteful message on the wrong cell phone.

He thinks he’s talking to the guy who dumped him, but for quirks of the script he ended up defoliating his sentence in Bruno’s box, a more formal architect than him, but also gay. And no partner in sight. From that confusion arises one of the loves of the series which is in the top ten of the platform in its first week.

In the first two episodes, the series bites its tail, stubborn about certain topics, and that fixation is likely to remain anchored there all the time, but as the episodes go by, other ranges appear and love becomes heavier: how it feels, how it is enjoyed, how it is celebratedthan whether the relationship is between homosexuals or heterosexuals.

Saved some plot clichésbecomes fun, especially with the comings and goings between the world of Álex, a boy who works in a bar and works in a gym, and Bruno, an orderly bachelor, in a sober suit, who He is fascinated by the search for analogies between life and cinematic scenes..

The works of Cuevas and Esparbé (Costa del Sol Brigade Y king of the night) are good, but the laurels of the composition are for Pepón Nietothat we have seen in an unlimited gallery of imaginary creatures (such as Poison Y I know who you are), who here plays Javier, a member of the Bar Bero: at night, in his shows, he appears dressed in a flashy outfit under the name Keena Mandrah.

A delightful character. Well both of you Javier and the lovely Keena.

Saving all distances, there is in Smiley something of the things of wanting. Not that the amazing 1989 film and this series are similar, but they are they are linked to the intention of reaching feelings, clearing the undergrowth of prejudices.


Qualification: Good

Romantic comedy protagonists: Carlos Cuevas, Miki Esparbé and Pepón Nieto Film script: Guillem Clua Address: Marta Pahissa and David Porras Problem: Eight episodes, on Netflix.

Source: Clarin

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