Sandra Mihanovich’s emotion in remembering César Mascetti: “Mother still finds letters from him today”

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Sandra Mihanovich was invited to At lunch with Juana (El Trece) and was moved to talk about it Cesare Mascettihistoric life partner of the mother, Monica Cahen D’Anverspassed away in October.

“César was a very intelligent person, he always behaved with codes, with a low profile… the departure was very unexpected. He learned of his illness a month before leaving. It was all very fast. And she chose her own way to leave. He didn’t want to be hospitalized.”assured the singer about the historic conductor of Telenight.

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“He found out what was going on and made a decision. ‘I want to die in San Pedro looking at the river, with my peaches and with my mother’. And that was strictly adhered to and fortunately we were accompanying it,” Sandra added.

And speaking of her mother, she underlined: “She’s calm, proud and sad of course. But positive. Mom is 88 years old, she’s regal, she’s healthy, her body is fine, her mind… We had just arrived from Mendoza when we went to see César’s cousin Mabel. She’s alone and Mama said ‘let’s go see Mabel'”.

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Sandra was instructed to read the farewell letter that César wrote in his last farewell to the journalist. Speaking of that very emotional moment, the interpreter underlined that he had read it several times “because when César was about to leave, The nurse came and told me ‘César asked me to give you this’”.

“Then I received it in a spiral, manuscript blog, which is still on Tata’s desk, looking at the river, in that manuscript. So I read it many times, I cried. I read it to my mother many times and kept crying until the time came”he detailed.

At that moment, Juana asked to air the tape of that moment and Sandra he could not hold back the tears of emotion.

“What more can I ask? I die in peace with the satisfaction of having done my duty”concluded César with his parting words.

Source: Clarin

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