Tim Burton, now director of Merlina, refused to make The Addams Family more than 30 years ago

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Director of the Addams family, Barry Sonnenfeldrevealed to the specialized site Variety that producer Scott Rudin tried to hire Tim Burton to direct the film, but that he turned down the offer as did Terry Gilliam, whose career had taken a sharp rise with films such as Brazil Y time bandits. Sonnenfeld was the third choice for the film released in 1991.

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Thirty-one years later, Burton directed the spin-off Merlina (Wednesday) for the Netflix platform, which became the Third most watched English-language program with 800 million hours watched.

At the time, in 1991, Sonnenfeld was an inexperienced director when he took over the Addams familya film that has allowed him to grow in his career since he has directed films such as the name of the game Y men in black.

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many candidates

As expected, there was a long list of candidates for leadership the Addams family, that they had a certain visual acumen and that strange ability to surprise that this kind of film needed to work, that is, a film that showed a family completely out of place.

According to the production, a strange and peculiar sensibility was needed to give the film that “infectious charm”.

the film you need an imaginative and childish point of view crucial to capturing the whimsical tone the script desperately craved.

Source: Clarin

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