What was it like when Thiago from “Big Brother” learned of his father’s arrest

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After it emerged that Thiago had learned of his father’s arrest from information that had reached him from abroad, Santiago del Moro presented a report in which he showed how that moment was very hard.

To Julio Medina, the parent of the reality show participant, his stepdaughter had reported him for gender-based violence at the end of October, two weeks later, the son entered the most famous house in the village. At the time, the production decided not to tell him anything about it. And this has generated some controversy.

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So things, he was a spectator considering it nowalmost a month and a half after the violent episode, Thiago will report on what happened.

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Here because he threw a paper sandwich wrapped in scotch tape which inside contained an imprint with screenshots of how the media had covered the event.

Reading it, the young cartoonist of González Catán was paralysed. And it was his companions who, seeing him greatly upset, began to console him. “There he said a strong argument, it was nothing more than that. Don’t make head”he advised him, for example, the Rabbit.

“I saw that it said they caught Thiago’s father for a little fight or an argument or something. It’s the only thing I read, idiot”managed to stammer, on the verge of tears, and also surrounded by Marcos, Alfa, Maxi and Nacho.

Then, the participant, who became the leader again this week, asked them to leave him alone and went to cry inconsolably on the patio.

Source: Clarin

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