The Argentina national team beat Big Brother in the standings

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And when it comes to breaking records, the Argentina national team, with an expert like Lionel Messi passing one rating after another, he managed to beat the unbeatable Big Brother 2022 in rating measurement.

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In fact, the semi-final that the Argentina national team beat Croatia 3-0 at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar was the most watched on open TV Wednesday 13 December with 35.8 rating points -becoming the most viewed of the year so far-. To this we must also add the 26 points that the same game scored in the measure of Tyc Sports via cable.

Namely, that the Argentina-Croatia transmission had stretches an evaluation of more than 60 pointsadding both signals.

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what came below

The second most watched show of the day also turned out to be on public TV and it was a treat Argentina vs Croatia, post matchwhich measured 22.9.

As for Big Brother 2022, Telefe’s reality show has had a decline from its other broadcasts (where it generally ranks above 20 points). Wednesday’s standings placed him third overallwith 16.8 per Big Brother, the debate.

Fourth, another Public TV program was positioned, again relating to the Qatar 2022 World Cup, World Cup afternoonwith 11.7 rating points.

In the Top Five managed to get into another of the products of the reality show Telefe, Big Brother 2022, livewith 10.1.

A little further down they were Phone calls, with 10 points; Y Our eternal lovealso from Telefe, with 7.9.

The most watched cycles of the rest of the channels were The eight steps of the million (thirteen, 6.4 points); blessed (elnine, 3.3 points); THEY (America, 2,3); gossip (NetTV, 0.2) e nurses (BravoTV, 0.1).

In the daily average per channel, Public TV is in first place, with an overall rating of 12.3 points. Telefe was second, with 7.5. Third was thirteen, with 3.5. Fourth, nine, with 1.6. Fifth, America, with 1.5. Sixth, Net TV, with 0.1. And seventh, Bravo TV, with an average of 0 points.

The minute by minute of the game

At 16:00, immediately after the game started, the official channel had 35.8 rating points. While the cable sports signal was down more than 10 points: 25.5. This trend would continue throughout the game. After 4.30pm, when Messi was about to take the penalty he was going to give him the first goal for the Argentine team, TV Pública scored 36.7and TyC was up just two-tenths: 25.7.

His average for the first half, which finished as Argentina won 2-0, was 36.3 for public TV, while TyC reached a nailed 26 points. In summary, both signals would get 62.3 rating points.

Taking the average of the second half, Official Television achieved its highest score in game length: 40 points against 29.1 of TyC Sports, comfortable in second place.

At 5:46 pm they were at 38.6 (Public TV) and 26.6 (TyC Sports).

At 17:50, just five minutes from the end of the game, totally controlled by La Scaloneta, the official channel went up a little more to 39.6 points.

Meanwhile, the sports signal has been parked at 26.1 and will keep the figure until the final embrace of the chosen one. With Italian referee Daniele Orsato blowing the final whistle and the final in hand, Lionel Scaloni’s side started celebrating on the pitch and the ratings on both channels were maintained.

On Sunday, with the final, these figures could repeat themselves. It is also usually the day when Big Brother 2022 obtain excellent ratings with the elimination of any of the participants, even if due to game variables (such as the entry of new players or some return) it is probable that there will be no elimination. What will happen to the measurements?

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Source: Clarin

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