Monday’s vote: Big Brother was once again the most watched of the day, with Daniela leaving the house

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With the festive atmosphere due to the triumph of the Argentine national team in Qatar still engulfing everything, the local screen recovered some of its normalcy on Monday 19 December. Then, the Big Brother elimination gala, which is usually done on Sunday, happened on Monday. Y put to the reality of phone ahead in the standings.

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Despite the change of day due to the expulsion of a participant, Big Brother was the most watched on Monday as it reached a total of 20.7 rating points, 0.9 tenths less than the previous issue. With 73.29% of the votes, the public has chosen to remove Daniela Celiswhich became the house’s ninth out.

On the other hand, the five most watched programs of the day were from Telefe. In second place, with 15.3 was spy on the housenoting the interest for Big Brotheronly obscured in the background by the clamor aroused by the Argentina national team and its consecration as world champion.

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In third place there was Telefog News with 11.8 points, followed in the fourth by The news of the people with 10 points and thus obtaining its highest score in just over three weeks. And fifth, News staff, at midnight, with 9.7 points. In all cases, the main focus was on the celebrations for the World Cup and the homecoming of the champions.

Low rating for the grand finale repeat

Curiously, and despite Sunday’s televised replay of the match between Argentina and France reaching peaks of 40.1 points on Public TV, devastating ratings, the replay of the final played in Qatar reached only 1.7 points in this Monday’s broadcast . Even so, it was the most watched of the day on the public screen.

For its part, in Eltrece, the most seen was the cycle of Guido Kaczka, The 8 steps of the million which reached 7 points just like telenochewith the same brand while the midday news, noon news, which ranked third on that channel with 6.5 rating points, a rating it hadn’t reached since early November. Marcelo Tinelli’s reality show, sing with me now scored 4.9 points.

In Telefe, the morning magazine Barbarossahosted by Georgina Barbarossa, it obtained 6 viewing points, the highest obtained since the beginning of the month and was the second most watched non-news program in the morning after Ariel in her saucethe cooking show hosted by Ariel Rodríguez Palacios which obtained 6.5 points.

In the afternoon slot, the Turkish soap opera zuleyhawhich broadcast its latest chapter on the Telefe screen, achieved 7.7 points getting a good rating, behind the five most viewed of the day.

On the other hand, in Elnueve, the most watched on that screen was blessedthe cycle led by Beto Casella, with 3.7, followed by the news, Tele 9 Centralwith 3.4 and Tele 9:00, with 2.7 points. In America, those seen were intruderswith 2.7; American newswith 2.6 e THEYwith 2.4 points.

After winning all three slots, and with five of the day’s most-watched programs on the grid, Telefe won the day by 5.4 points. on Elthirteen. Telefe averaged 10.8 points compared to 5.4 for Eltrece, 2.2 for América, 2 for Elnueve and 0.9 for Public TV.

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Source: Clarin

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