Netflix: the funny ex-criminal comedy that infuriates users

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Netflix movie released “The Big 4”, played by Abimana Aryasatyawho tries to arouse great emotion in the subscribers with this action story.

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The feature film was directed by Timo Tjahjanto and has a script written by Giovanna Wattimena. It was registered in Balinese, Indonesian, under the production of Frontier Pictures.

“The Big 4” is currently one of the most streamed movies on the platform and is indeed listed the Top 10.

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Synopsis of “The Big 4”

“In this explosive action-comedy, four mercenaries team up with a police officer to take down a ruthless killer,” teases the official Netflix synopsis.

A detective, a prominent police officer, decides to find out how his father’s death happened. He finds a clue that leads her to a tropical island and later discovers that her father was the leader of a group of criminals. Pursued by new enemies, she must team up with four retired assassins who were trained by her father and, together, they will search for the main assassin of this story.

Official trailer of the movie


  • Abimana Aryasatya as Topan
  • Putri Marino as Dina
  • Lutesha as Alpha
  • Arie Kritting as Jenggo
  • Christo Immanuel as Pelor
  • Marthino Lio as Suranto
  • Michelle Tahalea as Hello
  • Kho Michael as Lengko
  • Budi Ros as Petrus
  • Donny Damara as Hasan

Duration of “The Big 4”

The film lasts a total of two hours and 21 minutes and can be enjoyed on Netflix.

Source: Clarin

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