New sentimental and worldwide commercial from TyC Sports

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It seems that the ads for the World Cup and the national team are all right. It’s true that suddenly the barrage of brands suddenly became patriotic. Now, today, already, everything is quite logical. Furthermore, it is known that thanks to the sentimental factor there are people with goosebumps who know how to cry at the top of their lungs.

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In that tradition it comes another new item on a grandpa screen.

TyC Sport joins the popular FIFA World Cup victory celebration with lucky in lovethe new institution that talks about it loving and sentimental communion between the national team and the millions of Argentinesa unique encounter that experienced its maximum expression from the historic Sunday 18 December, when Lionel Scaloni’s team won on penalties against France, in Qatar.

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How is the new spot

Made by the agency McCann Market, lucky in love Already It is available on all digital platforms Of the brand.

The notice refers to the sentence “unlucky at play, lucky in love”.

Perhaps many viewers of the new generation, millennials, etc., have never heard this expression and, knowing what it is about, believe that there are also unfortunate in both cases or vice versa: may the goddess of luck always be with you.

The story being told might have to do with all those people who wake up in the morning to go to work and think… we are champions! Who wakes up from a nap and thinks… we are champions! Who gets wet and thinks…we are champions!

A promo that appeals to sentiment, to tears, to emotional history, bar touching. dedicated to everyone the people who had to confirm it wasn’t a dream.

“The first few seconds I thought ‘What a joint they smoked! No result was right’ and then I realized it was a parallel universe where we didn’t come out champions or anything like that“, they commented in a post on the spot. In the background, the word PRODE.

“We have entered into an argument that has crossed us all: a World Cup full of unusual results that has ruined the brave for all of us. Fortunately, the most important result came as we all wanted,” they told the portal. adlatine Nicholas Massimino and Nicholas GoldsteinCCO and DGC of Mercado McCann, when they explain lucky in lovethe new commercial of TyC Sports.

The commercial refers to all matches whose results ruined him Prod to more than one and how this small fortune in the game meant, for us Argentines, the greatest joy.

Source: Clarin

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