‘Little’ Schwartzman flashes message Ben Stiller sent him when he sees National Team celebrations

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The incredible images of the massive celebrations in Argentina for the third World Cup of their selection were reflected in all the portals of the world, but also reached various international personalities, such as Ben Stiller.

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The American actor was amazed by the photos he received from the crowd in Buenos Aires and sent a message to his Argentine friend, tennis player Diego Schwartzman, to express his emotion.

We may know because “Little” himself shared it on Twitter. “The madness is total … even someone from afar is like that, not even in the best films,” announced the tennis player in a tweet.

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Wowwww. It’s insane(This is crazy), Stiller sent his friend when he saw an aerial shot of the crowd gathered around the obelisk.

In the capture we see that the Argentine responds with a photo of Lionel Messi and his companions in the micro convertible that took them around part of the city.

The protagonist of My girlfriend’s family, zoolanders Y My girl Polly He was one of the many celebrities who celebrated Argentina’s triumph in Qatar 2022. The actor took to Twitter to express his joy at obtaining his third cup.

tennis friends

“Peque” and Stiller know each other from seeing each other on the ATP Tour. The tennis-loving actor always goes to watch live matches and has been delighted with Schwartzman ever since the Argentinian put in an outstanding performance against Rafael Nadal in the quarterfinals of the 2019 US Open.

In 2021, Ben, Schwartzman e Eugenie of Martinthe tennis player’s girlfriend, they had dinner together and in August this year the actor shared a private workout with the Argentine.

In that meeting, Ben and Diego had a fun post-workout moment together.

With “Little” sitting next to him completely tired, Stiller joked about continuing to rally together and the tennis player, to get out of the situation unscathed, ended up lending him his racket so he could play for a while with another member of his team.

This is how the world saw the Argentine celebration

On Tuesday more than 5 million people took to the streets in Buenos Aires to celebrate the World Cup obtained by “Scaloneta”.

The crowds were so large that the bus with the players could not reach the port – the footballers had to be removed by helicopter to complete their journey from the air.

This devotion to the trophy obtained was reflected in the world media, which followed the celebrations with live broadcasts and photo galleries. Here, three examples:

Source: Clarin

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