Marcela Tauro said a medium told her about Jorge Rial’s parents, and the driver reacted on Twitter

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Marcela Tauro was invited SILA (America, at age 20), the program was led by Ángel De Brito, and it surprised everyone by recounting a paranormal experience in which a medium from the United States gave him a message from parents, died many years ago, by Jorge Rial. The ex interfering was watching the show and reacted immediately via a tweet.

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As often happens with SILAwhere the conversation goes from one topic to another in a relaxed way, at a given moment in the broadcast yesterday, Wednesday, they talked about energies, spirituality, experiences that go beyond the plane of truth.

Undoubtedly, Taurus confirmed what he has already stated publicly on many other occasions: “All of that fascinates me. I don’t know why …” he said. He added: “Last year I did an interview with a medium from the United States on my Instagram (account). I wrote to him a long time ago and he answered me when I left interfering. For me, that sign … ”.

Marcela Tauro: "A medium told me about my father and a baby I lost."  Get a TV.

Marcela Tauro: “A medium told me about my father and a baby I lost.” Get a TV.

It should be remembered that Marcela Tauro left that TV cycle where she served as a panelist for many years after a very strong discussion of who was the host of the program, Jorge Rial.

Then, Taurus explained that the medium in question asked him not to speak until the time he was doing live on the social network. He agreed to that condition, but left room for doubt.

“Me, always thinking badly, I thought he googled me,” he admits. “But when he started naming my father, I lost a baby …”list of Marcela who was still amazed at what happened then.

“My father’s name was Luis and he said to me: ‘There is a man named Luis who says he bathed you when you were little.’ Things that no one knows, ”he said. And he added: “What’s more, I was with my boyfriend at the time and mixed energy and he started talking about his death, Martin’s.”

“They’re Rial’s parents!”

Then came the revelation that surprised everyone SILA. Marcela Tauro recounted: “It was loud, and when the live ended, she said to me: ‘Here is a couple who died a long time ago, very kind people, very close, married for many years … and they want to say something about you . ‘ And I heard wrong, but he tells me to ‘call them Victoria and Ramon‘”.

“I told him I had no blood relatives with those names, and he said ‘no, they are not your blood relatives.’ And I didn’t record who they were, ”he continued.

At that point, the medium gave the message the couple wanted to give him. “They say, they’ll just leave everything that happens to you in their hands,” it assured him.

Marcela Tauro received, through a medium, a message from Jorge Rial’s parents.  Get a TV.

Marcela Tauro received, through a medium, a message from Jorge Rial’s parents. Get a TV.

They are Rial’s parents. My followers told me when they heard the namesAnnounced by Taurus. “How strong!” simultaneous ejaculation of several panelists SILA listening to the story.

And did you tell Jorge (Rial)?“Pía Shaw asked.” No, if I fought again! “Replied Marcela. And she added:” What shall I tell him, if he does not believe it? The truth is I was skeptical, but he would tell me I was crazy. This is a good message. But for me, it’s different, because I believe. “

So he entered Marcela Colonel, who was also invited to De Brito’s program last night. In reference to Rial, he maintained: “He, although he does not look like that, is a sensitive man.”

“Jesus appeared to him and told him”Directed by Marcela Tauro, and the Pía Show googled and read that “on May 4, 2012, Rial showed an image of himself where Jesus shows up and then something needs to be removed with a negative energy. ”

Marcela Tauro: "Jesus appeared to Jorge Rial, and he said it."  Get a TV.

Marcela Tauro: “Jesus appeared to Jorge Rial, and he said it.” Get a TV.

Rial replied

As Marcel tells Taurus about the message of the deceased parents Jorge Rial sent to him by a medium, the former driver of interfering reacting to twitter.

Ángel De Brito read the tweet where Rial showed a screenshot where Marcela Tauro is seen speaking to LAM and on the graph: “A medium told me to leave everything in the hands of Jorge Rial’s dead parents . ”

Along with that photo, Rial wrote: “Is this going on the air?”, And added emojis of laughter and embarrassment.

“Well, okay, he accepted it wellMarcela Tauro said when De Brito informed her of what Jorge Rial revealed on Twitter.


Source: Clarin

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