Rating: how much did the Big Brother repechage gala measure, with Giuliana’s return home

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With the repercussions for the consecration of the Argentine national team in Qatar still latent in the morning and afternoon news and newspapers, air TV experienced another night of very high ratings with Big Brother on Telefe.

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The reality, that still racking up numbers from a pre-streaming television, had a key gala this Wednesday: the repechage. The participants themselves had to decide which of their former teammates – left by decision of the public – could return to the house.

Juliana Díaz’s return to reality proved to be as lucrative as a nomination or elimination gala: Big Brother He was by far the most watched Wednesday averaging 20.8 points.

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The repechage gala of Big Brother He started with a floor of just over 15 runs which left him Phone calls. The cycle it began to grow its audience with each new vote from attendees. After 11.15pm she reached her peak of 23.1.

The return of Julian

Big Brother He experienced a gala with a lot of suspense and last minute decisions. Camila Lattancio and Ariel Ansaldo, the new inhabitants who entered last Thursday, were not allowed to vote in the repechage.

The others had to choose one of their former partners to return to reality, except for Coti, disqualified for breaking the house rules. Boyfriend Alexis’, aka “Rabbit,” voted double for winning the week’s leader race. But she ended up being doubly key.

Because Juliana collected three votes: one from Maxi -her housemate- and twice from Alexis. Daniela Celis herself, the last eliminated, chosen by Julieta, Romina and Thiago.

With these final results, the Rabbit had to break the tie and decide for one of the pairs of his two friends at home: Maxi and Thiago.

I’ll build on what I think needs it the most, because the other is much stronger in heart and soul. So I choose Juliana,” Cordovan said, to Thiago’s annoyance for not choosing Daniela.

A few minutes later, Juliana Díaz returned to the house of Big Brother to the surprise of the participants, who did not know that this would take place on the same night as the repechage. Now the public will vote for the return of two other former participants.

The most watched of the day, by time slot and by channel

As it was said, Big Brother He led the ratings table by a wide margin on Wednesday with 20.8 points, 2.3 points higher than what was measured on Tuesday. The podium of the day was completed by two other Telefe programs.

Pluto TV presents: We spy on the house, the cycle of satellites that follows reality galas, was the second most watched with an average of 14.5. In third place there was Phone callswith 10.4.

the 8 stepsthe television program hosted by Guido Kaczka in prime time El Trece measured 5.7 rating points -0.3 tenths less than on Tuesday. With those numbers, it was enough to be the most watched program on the channel.

followed closely sing with me now, with 5.2. This Thursday, Marcelo Tinelli’s reality show will broadcast the last program of the second season, with the live definition of the winner.

blessed, El Nueve’s night jersey, averaged 3.6 points per game, one point less than Tuesday’s programme, entirely dedicated to the celebrations of the national team. Even so, it was enough for him to be the channel’s most watched.

intruders topped the American gridiron for the second time in a row with an average rating of 2.4 points, 1.3 higher than its Tuesday broadcast. It was his second-best average so far this week.

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Source: Clarin

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