Apple develops its own search engine to get rid of Google – whatever it would be called

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Manzana plans to finish the The supremacy of Google on the Internet, especially with its search engine, the one that has a stellar presence in major browsers -Chrome, Edge or Firefox-. To do this, the Cupertino-based tech giant plans to soon launch its own search engine, which could also be called AppleSearch.

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Although new patents appear constantly, those of the manzanita usually do not stand out at the beginning, where a clear example is in the search engine specific to Apple devices.

Google is responsible for the search engine we all know, but also for Android, which is why it occupies two of today’s big technology sectors.

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Originally released in 2003, Safari is Apple’s default open source browser for its macOS, iOS, and iPadOS operating systems.

However, Google has a lot of weight in Apple’s browser, as it indirectly depends on it, as well as paying large sums of money every year to be the default search engine. Specifically, they are figures that oscillate between 8,000 and 12,000 million dollars.

This Google policy means that many critical voices are pointing to the absolute control it has over the Internet, since it buys the Apple search engine to maintain its monopoly.

For all this, the company led by Tim Cook wants to avoid this type of accusation by developing its own search engine to cut dependence on a direct competitor, because it is the creator of Android, the alternative to iOS.

The annual outlay that Google makes is very high, because in its collaboration agreement it establishes that 34% of the benefits obtained through the search engine are for the apple company.

Along with this search engine, Apple may be in full swing of the Apple botswhich is a type of software that takes information from web pages to improve search tracking to show them in results.

The arrival of Apple Search it would force Google to improve the user experience of your search engine by offering you the benefits of its product ecosystem and further improving your search results.

At the moment there are no confirmations that Apple will soon present its own search engine, nor that it will completely dissociate itself from Google to follow its own path.

The reasons for the success of the Google search engine

Over the years, the Google search engine has managed to become an essential free tool for Internet users, allowing them to find information by keywords or search phrases.

When you type a query into Google’s search bar, the search engine searches its index, which includes trillions of web pages and other types of content, and returns a list of relevant results.

One of the reasons Google is the most popular search engine is because of its ability to deliver accurate and relevant search results. The algorithm uses a number of factors to determine how relevant a web page is to a given search query, such as how often keywords appear in page content, the quality of the content, and the reputation of the page.

In addition to offering search results, Google also offers a number of additional services and tools, such as Google Maps, Google Drive and Google Translate. These services have become an integral part of many people’s daily lives and have helped Google become one of the largest companies in the world.

Despite its popularity and success, Google has also faced controversy and criticism, particularly regarding its privacy and use of user data. The company has implemented measures to improve user privacy, but continues to face criticism and public scrutiny for its monopolistic presence, holding 90% of the market.


Source: Clarin

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