L-Gante surprised by publishing a song with Tamara Báez: “He painted a song with my ex”

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The story of L-Ghent Y Tamara Baez Added a new chapter. Now the creator of the cumbia 420 surprised his fans and He released a song with the mother of his daughter Jamaicain which he states that he wants to be with her for life.

Just a few weeks ago, Tamara had published a private chat on her social networks in which the singer was I asked him to go see her.

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In this context, in dialogue with in the afternoon (America, Monday to Friday at 3.45pm), the interpreter of Malianteo 420 She stated that she wrote to see him because they have a daughter in common and “things to talk about”.

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But the singer, enigmatic, also took advantage of that interview to announce that soon I was about to launch a new topic with “someone”, even if it was mysterious and did not want to clarify with whom.

The mystery was revealed this Thursday when Elian Angelo Valenzuelawhich is the varadero name of cumbia idol, debuted “Sara”which sees the participation of Báez.

Apparently it is a song they wrote when they were still engaged and it was he who announced it with a story on his Instagram profile.

You have everything I’m looking for. All those cats are worthless, when they see you coming they stick in their face. You’re still in love with me, we’ll leave the bed wet,” L-Gante sings in his new song.

tamarafor his part, he shared many messages received from his followers talking about the song and after the release, he showed a video of his home TV with the video on the screen. “He painted a song with my ex”she noticed on Facebook.

The YouTube video surpassed 50,000 views in just two hours and users left thousands of comments in support of the artist and his former partner.

“Nothing more clear. The theme says it all. Tami you broke it, I loved it. You will always be the only one. ‘With me I love you for life’. You put it in the bank and you were there when she had nothing, ups and downs. I want them to be that family again. They deserve another chance. You are a tall mine, always your humility,” wrote one user.

“They bet on the bad now that they have families, they have fun those outside are stick,” said another.

“Who wants to drop a song with their ex? It’s obvious that Tami will always be the love of her life, she’s been around since he had nothing and is the mother of her daughter. THEY BROKEN BAD,” added another person.

“Here in this song we clearly see that the true love of his life will always be Tamara, his daughter’s mother,” another user said.

The truth is that although Tamara sings with L-Gante, she does not appear in the video clip in which the singer is seen walking alone in a deserted field at sunset.

L-Ghent involved in a scandal with an erotic influencer

Although L-Ghent was very close to Wanda Naraa scandal erupted this week when pictures in which the singer was seen kissing Antonio Panea woman who is dedicated to selling erotic content on a platform.

A capture of a private chat has also emerged in which the woman talks to a friend and tells him that she has had intercourse with the cumbiero.

The influencer was at LAM (America, Monday to Friday at 8pm) and confirmed his relationship with the singer. For his part, he denied everything and assured that Anto “was looking for fame”.


Source: Clarin

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