Karina La Princesita and her sad Christmas: “Life has made me lose the light in my eyes”

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Karina Little Princess Tejeda (36) surprised her followers with a confession on her Instagram account that garnered a lot of attention.

In the midst of Christmas, cumbia singer shared a story on IG, where she accumulates more than 2.9 million followers, expressing: “I know life has made me lose the sparkle in my eyes.”

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And then the artist added, expressing his intention for 2023: “This year I will take it again.” Karina accompanied her publication along with the topic She, by Tan Bionica.

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In her post, Karina looked wistful, making it clear that she’s not having the best time of her life on a personal level.

the singer of With the same coin, lying heart Y Until the end of the world, among many other successes, he spent Christmas Eve with his daughter Sol Cwirkaluk, fruit of his relationship with Ezequiel The Polish Cwirkaluk.

“Spend a night in peace and quiet”Karina insured along with a photo with her daughter. “I love you,” Sol replied, along with a heart emoji.

Then on Sunday December 25, Karina spent Christmas working, as she is part of the cast of the show A magical Christmasby Circo del Ánima, directed and produced by Flavio Mendoza.

Between function and function was that the former researcher dand who is the mask (Telefe) posted her surprising confession on Instagram.

A difficult year for Karina La Princesita

It is common for Karina to post messages of this style on the networks. In October, she delivered the note with a troubling and enigmatic message.

On that occasion he wrote a distressing request without an addressee, so much so that many thought it could be self-referential.

“May God, the Universe or whatever you believe in help you feel good in these moments,” he began on his Twitter and continued: “Where you should be happy because you have reasons to be, but However, you feel like you can’t do it because you are broken inside. If you feel like this, a hug and have a good day”.

In the middle of the year, in full performance at the Teatro Gran Ituzaingó, Karina moved to reflect. “We here on stage are singers, we are all happy, but sometimes life isn’t as beautiful as up here. I’ve lived it for many years and you always have to be smiling to check that everything is going well and, sometimes, it’s it’s not good,” she said, breaking down in tears to the applause of her fans.

“I was coming here today and having a terrible day and I said ‘the fucking thing that doesn’t happen to me on stage’ and well it happened to me. But heyWe are not robots and sometimes life here gets a little confusing”Added Karina, who in this 2022 ended her relationship with Nicolás Furman.


Source: Clarin

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