The Christmas vote: without Big Brother no one has exceeded 10 points

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There was no gala, no elimination, no repechage, no debate. Nothing from Big Brother, which usually takes off alone, at the top, in the standings on Sundays. It was an atypical day, even on television, with measurements that failed to pass the ten-point barrier.

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Most viewed on December 25thaccording to Kantar Ibope Media’s spreadsheet, it was Around the world, Marley’s travel show, broadcast by Telefe, and which this time averaged 9.1 points. In second place was, at the same screen, the tale of the weaselsthe Juan José Campanella film that was instead of Big Brother: measured 7.6 points.

Third place shared between Telefe and El Trece, at 4.9: on the one hand, the last passengerand, on the other, the film a small favor.

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A) Yes, the three most viewed of the day were from Telefewhile the most watched trio of El Trece completed with two more films: The Nutcracker and the Four Realms (with 4.6 points) e The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttonwith 3.4 (released in 2008 and starring Brad Pitt).

In America, the most profitable were GPS Y real secretswhich tied at 1.5 points, ahead of It’s Sunday, we’re on time, which collected 0.7. On Elnueve’s side, he led I live for youwith a period, followed by musical bridge (with 0.7) e nine o’clock in the afternoonwith 0.6.

Public television had in the special shalom amia and in its central news its most successful programming, with a 0.5 average. The third step was for be essential, with 0.4. On Net TV, tip went to Mother Teresawith 0.3, followed with 0.2 by various Sunday broadcasts of Television editing.

And on Bravo TV, the podium was armed the good ones and its average of 0.2, followed by the cans distill love Y The heirs of the mountainboth with 0.1.

The League of Seven Channels

As for the overall averages by channel, the table once again had Telefe in the lead with 5.6, two points behind El Trece (with 3.6). Third place went to América with 0.8, ahead of Elnueve with 0.7, Televisión Pública with 0.2, Net Tv with 0.2 and, in seventh place, Bravo with 0.1.

The three time slots (early afternoon -from 12 to 16-, second afternoon from -16 to 20-, and early eveningfrom 20 to midnight) They also remained in the hands of Telefe which, despite not having the strongest card of this 2022, He managed to win over the small audience that turned on the TV this Sunday Christmas.

this Monday evening yes, come back big brotherat 21:45 on Telefe, with “El repechaje”, which scores the return home of two participants who had been eliminated from the audience. And it is the same public that now gives them the opportunity to return to play with their former teammates.

Source: Clarin

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