Cinthia Fernández exploded with anger against Matías Defederico because she didn’t give her daughters anything at Christmas

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After participating in THEY (America, Monday-Friday 8pm) and leave strong sentences like admit it He hasn’t had sex in almost two years.when her romantic relationship with Martín Baclini ended, Cinthia Fernández returned to the fray against Matías Defederico.

As usual, he denounced in his networks a situation of the father of Charis, Bella and Francesca concerning what He didn’t give the girls a Christmas present.

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It all started with a story on Instagram, where she has 5.7 million followers, where Cinthia shared some material that a follower had sent her, in which he referred to a story that took place in Mexico, where they exposed parents who didn’t meet the food quota, putting their photo on a Christmas tree in the middle of the city.

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“Last night a lady sent me this: they decorated a Christmas tree with photos of parents in debt with alimony. This happened in Mexico. It’s a one-time thing and I’m really looking forward to it,” she explained in detail in a video, in which she showed off the cut.

“I will open a box and ask them to tell me where there are giant Christmas trees in the city of Buenos Aires. E In the next story I’m going to ask you if you want me to call you about it. I think I’m not far from grabbing a tree that stands in Buenos Aires and summoning all the mothers who owe them child support to do it. I like it, what do you think?”

Soon after, he uploaded a picture of a Christmas tree he appeared in a mouse in the midst of balls and ornaments, but with a very particular face: that of Matías Defederico. “Papá Luchón”, he wrote on the image and opened the call among his followers.

Then he uploaded a new story to music on the subject of parents who don’t spend alimony, with a strong legend: “Santa didn’t stop by Dad’s house… so I’m perfect for calling a tree for debtor parents. Do they understand?”, I ask. “I can’t wait… I’ll leave it in your hands. Answer in the previous story,” she proposed. And in the meantime, she shared a chat with her ex.

I’m surprised you have the money to travel but not order gifts. There is nothing more disinterested than on a date so important that you haven’t bothered to create and fuel an illusion. Save money for 12 months by not spending what corresponds to you. My God!” was the strong message he sent to his ex.

They questioned her by the housekeeper

On the other hand, Cinthia also clarified the situation for which she has received a lot of criticism on social media. She was questioned because in a photo she uploaded on Christmas Eve, one lady was seen wearing an apron and they thought it was their servant who had worked that day.

“It’s my mom. 30 times I told her to take off her apron… She ate with the apron on”clarified to end the controversy.


Source: Clarin

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