Boca dive into the market for a central scorer pending the rehabilitation of Marcos Rojo

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With red frames in rehabilitation and with the aim of returning to the field before June after the ligament injury in his right knee, in the technical staff of the Mouth they think they should incorporate at least one central marker for this pass market, but aware that international competition will only start in the middle of the year. This is why they are cautious, they analyze the options and there are surnames on the table.

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that of Luca Merolla It’s a name that has long been cited in both Boca and River. But in this recess the contact between Huracán and the La Ribera club has been more constant. The reason? The transfer of Franco Cristaldo to the Gremio, in a pass that will leave the treasury of the Ribera club $2.3 million to partner with 50 percent of the footballer’s pass. And there the talks took on a different tone. What does Boca offer? That the Parque Patricios club maintains that collection and that it releases the pass of the left-footed central scorer, with a good performance in 2022. And again: that the payment that Huracán owes to Boca from the player he has already sold (he still lacked a share) is settled over a longer period.

Merolla, for his part, speculates. It is that in addition to having so many offers, she has the possibility of keeping the pass in his possession, for freedom of action. However, he intends to renew with the club and therefore accept the transfer of him. As for the contract, Boca already know what he intends to charge. The same also has proposals for football in Brazil.

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It has also been offered in the last few hours Alan Franco, ex Independiente, but still doesn’t have the approval of the technical staff and for him there is a firm proposal from San Pablo. Boca won’t bid in that deal because they can’t compete with the São Paulo team. Ibarra, in fact, has asked not to go out on loan Nicola Valentini (he returned to Aldosivi) because he plans to try it out in the pre-season friendlies scheduled for the first week of January in San Juan.

Two other names on the scene are Nazarene Columbus (today in Defense and Justice) and that of Guglielmo Tesillo, even if the latter is at a disadvantage to be in Mexican football (will he be sought for June?). But how Jorman Campuzano He has already formalized his Argentine citizenship (he signed the papers in Istanbul) now the club has a foreign quota available to use if deemed necessary. And even more so if finally Charles Zambrano He ends up having his ties severed in June (his contract expires there) after failing to execute his unilateral exit clause before December 15th.

Source: Clarin

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