Big Brother 2022: the nominees are Camila, Coti, Daniela, Alfa and Ariel

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“Today is nominated live”advertisement Santiago del Moro at the beginning of the programme, as one of the big news of the day. The other had to do with Maximus’ exitthat he had decided to leave the house, after the expulsion of his girlfriend Juliana and the insults to the production of the program.

Then the driver entered the house and again advised the participants to be careful not to talk about things outside and above all, “don’t cheat”.

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He then asked Maxi what decision he would make. “Today I made the decision to continue. I spoke about it in the confessional and my colleagues convinced me”replied the Cordoban, to the surprise of many.

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Soon after, the driver greeted the other participants and many took the opportunity to send greetings to their friends and family. Until Ariel’s turn came and she acknowledged that she had “A few problems with the Alfa of coexistence but we have already discussed it and clarified it”. “It’s a matter of snoring, I haven’t slept in a week,” Walter explained.

The nominations live

The first to enter the confessional was precisely Maximum. “Vieja is all a jewel,” he said before entering, and took the opportunity to greet all of Córdoba. “We’ll pretend I left and went back inside. The first two votes are for Danielaby strategy because I think it will go to the pot. The other vote is for Walterfor the same reason,” he said.

The second to vote was Julieta, who nominated Coti and Agustín. “My relationship with Constanza has changed a lot. A lot of things she’s done have hurt me and I think she’s the fakest in the whole house. She’s very cynical. She thinks she’s player of the year but I think people don’t like her. Bad people’s milk ends up leaving,” she explained.

He said of Agustín that “this question of the repechage makes me angry. They were able to go out and see their family and find out about things that we didn’t know about. I prefer to continue playing with those who never came out,” he added.

Then came the turn Cookedone of the most talked about in the game. First he chose Alpha“because I’m tired of being afraid of the plate. I want to be with the heaviest ones and for people to decide who they like better”. The other vote was given to Daniela“Because I don’t like the attitude with which he entered the house and because I feel he did the spontaneous thing to me.”

Next to nominate was Alpha. He chose Ariel first and then Coti. “I don’t like the way Ariel plays. He’s disloyal and he did things to me. He accused me of something while we were playing. He pretended to stand up for vulnerable people. He studied his entire scriptlike the juicer he brought,” he accused.

Regarding Coti, he clarified that “I see he’s playing a game that I don’t like. He has treated people who I love very badlywas his argument.

he was alone Ariel the next to enter the confessional to name for the first time. “I give two votes to Walter, because he is a difficult person, at least with me. She harasses me all the time.” she explained. Then he voted for Nachobut “because I have to vote for another. I love him and I don’t want him to go away. I get along well with everyone,” he closed.

then he went to vote Lucilla. Before the appointment he asked if he could be spontaneous. Faced with the rejection of Big Brother, gave two votes to Alexis, “by strategy”. Later he acknowledged that he would like to nominate Thiago, but since he couldn’t because he was the leader of the week, “I give Ariel a point”concluded the Torah.

Next to name was alexis. “I give two votes to Danielaeven if I have no reason. I think his entry into the house caused me to distance myself from Thiago. I told him to talk face to face, and that may be the reason for my vote. The second was given to Agustín“because he entered with information and for fun,” argued the cone.

for his part Marcos nominated Nacho and Ariel. “They are the people I have the least affinity with. I spend time with other people I enjoy being with the most,” she explained.

He later entered to vote Rominowhich came from a fight with Alpha. His first two votes were for Agustín“He’s someone I don’t share many things with. I don’t feel comfortable with him.” The other vote was for Coti. “For me, the word is worth a lot and she had very nasty attitudes with the girls and with me”.

Then he went to nominate Nacho. He gave two votes to Coti“Because more people definitely go that way. Also, there are days where everything is fine with her and others where she can’t even see me.” The other vote went to Ariel. “I have nothing against him, but he’s new and I’m doing it as a strategy,” he commented.

Upon his return home, Augustine He went to the confessional, where he entered dancing. He gave two votes to Daniela and one to Alexis. “It’s a pure drum. I’ll try to accommodate the dish. This is the third phase, which is called ‘A pure drum’ in honor of Carlos Bilardo,” he explained.

Next to name was Thiagothe leader for winning the test of the week. He gave two votes to Coti and one to Alexis. “I’m not right with either of them,” she said, before walking away.

The last to enter the confessional was Daniela, who had acted spontaneously. “I messed up because the leader left me”, was the first thing he said, in relation to Thiago’s victory in the week’s test. Only then did it become known that he had given three votes to Coti and two to Thiago“By treason,” he said.

Once the five candidates are known who they are Camila, Coti, Daniela, Alpha and Ariel, Santiago del Moro reminded Thiago that tomorrow he will be able to save one.


Source: Clarin

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