‘Bebelo’ Reynoso will be tried for the beating of a young man who took him to prison a year ago in Córdoba

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A year ago the world of football was shocked by the situation of the striker Emanuel ‘Bebelo’ Reynoso, who remained in prison for a few days after a serious complaint for threats with a firearm and beatings of a young minor, while he was on holiday in his native Córdoba. Despite the one million peso bail that he paid to be released, the investigation continued and, on Wednesday, it was confirmed that he will be subjected to an oral trial.

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As reported by the local newspaper ‘La Voz del Interior’, the decision was taken by Lourdes Quagliatti, district attorney of the District 2 Round 1 of the capital, who deals with the complaint for injuries and qualified threats, for the facts that occurred early in the morning of December 4, 2021, when he allegedly threatened and physically assaulted a minor and three other young people in the Almirante Brown neighborhood.

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For this reason it was hosted in the Bouwer Jail for nine days and was released on bail of one million pesos due to the danger of being attacked by the barrabravas of Belgrano de Córdoba, given his identification Talleres, and also to be able to fulfill his sports contract as a footballer for Minnesota United of the MLS of the United States.

Reynoso was accused of being part of a group of youths who attacked others in what could be considered a fight. It happened in Barrio Chino, an old urban settlement in the southeast of the city of Córdoba, where the former Talleres and Boca player took his first steps.

Denis, one of the teenagers who reported being the victim of a beating, assured that along with four or five other friends they decided to go to a party they had been invited to in Chinatown. The group came from another sector of the city, Ampliación Ferreyra.

“We got it on the cheap,” the young man said at the time in a report on Chain 3. Denis still had one inflamed, purple eye and said one of his friends suffered a broken nose and another is still under observation for a hematoma in the cervical area.

The 17-year-old said that around 60 people were at the party and that everything was going well until at one point other boys approached them, telling them they were “visitors”. Shortly after, the jostling began and the attackers showed their weapons in a threatening manner.

Apparently, those who were at the party called other young people, and Emanuel Reynoso appeared in this new group.

Denis said he saw when “Bebelo” slapped one of his friends. But at that same moment he received a rifle butt in the eye from another of the assailants.

“I passed out and started hearing kicks and punches and bottles falling,” he explained.

Source: Clarin

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