Big Brother 2022: Maxi regretted it and did not give up on reality

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At the beginning of yesterday’s broadcast, Wednesday (Telefe, 21.45) from Big BrotherSantiago Del Moro connected with the participants and dedicated himself to clarifying how the situation of Maximum, who kept everyone on edge with her announcement that she wanted to leave the show. Now he has retraced his steps. Sorry, he decided to stay.

“I want to resolve something that was pending for us, for the winger and which concerns Maxi – began the driver referring to the players – Maxi has publicly declared on more than one occasion that he wants to leave the game, that he wanted to withdraw from this competition“.

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Having said this, Del Moro turned to the participant in question and asked him: “Maxi, I want you to tell me what you are going to do because we have to start with the nominations. Then it’s your turn, brother.”

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Maxi: “I made the decision to continue”

“I’ve already made the decision – replied the player – Today I spoke in the confessional and they gave me the opportunity to overturn the decision, so I I thought about it, talked to my colleagues and made the decision to continue“.

“Well, that’s fine, the decision seems wise to me -Del Moro reacted-. As I always tell you guys, take advantage of this moment. There are millions of people who want to be in your place. It’s a unique opportunity. I understand that the game can win, the house can beat them… And, of course, one who is a human being, that is not in question. keep in mind that it is a nice opportunity“.

Del Moro: “I’ll tell you something personal…”

Later, the Big Brother driver added: “I’m going to tell you something personal. As a child, I dreamed of being on this screen.. And I’ve worked all my life. I didn’t even go on vacation for years and years and years to get to this place where I am today“.

“It’s very important to be on this screen, in this beautiful and successful show in the world,” Santi continued. . While it lasts, take advantage of it guys. From my heart I tell you“.

Returning to Maxi, the driver warned him: “Like I’m telling you one thing, I’m telling you the other: I understand that the competition can beat you, because it’s not the first time this has happened. It can’t be easy being in there with people who you don’t know and spend so much time in that competition, exciting for many and complicated for others”.

Looking at the camera, Del Moro summed up the state of the situation: “Maxi is still in the competition. He wanted to leave the other day, when Big Brother took out his partner Juliana, but Maxi continues in the competition.”

So, the time has come for the nominations and it turned out that none of the participants voted for Maxi to stay in the potdespite asking them to pick him to try and exit the game.

The list of candidates was made up of Camila – the result of a fine for having provided data from outside -, Coti, Alfa, Ariel and Daniela.

In today’s broadcast, Thursday, Thiagowho won the test of the leader, can save one of the candidates. In Sunday’s elimination gala it will be known who will have to leave the house based on the result of the public vote.


Source: Clarin

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