After the violent versions, Tomás Holder’s ex whitewashed the real reason for their separation

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After versions of gender violence in the report of Thomas Owner and his ex, Paola Balbithe former participant of Big Brother and the Rosario model turned to their respective accounts Instagram to clarify the situation.

After Andrew Taboda will count THEY (America, 20:00) what he had discussed with Paula, who confirmed the break with Holder for psychological abuse but it wasn’t clear when specifying whether or not there was physical problemsthe young woman shared a statement on her networks.

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“People, let me make it clear that my ex partner didn’t hit me. Everything that happened was psychological. The relationship became toxic and we decided to end it,” the economics student also began in her Instagram stories.

And concluded: “Just clarify for avoid audio and video out of context… Thank you all for the beautiful messages you send me.”

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What Tomás Holder said after his ex’s statements

For his part, the first Big Brother She also made a goal-clarifying statement and through a video she uploaded to her Stories, explained, “They’ve gone out to talk a lot of places about my past relationship and I want them to know that we are two people who ended up well and everything said is out of context.”

“There was none of what they say, nothing of violence… My ex just spoke to me and told me to upload the stuff they send me to prove he was the best,” he continued before posting a capture of the chat he had exchanged with Paula.

In that conversation of Whatsapp you could read that he was saying to Tomás, “Look, do you want us to upload this? Why I don’t want there to be any misunderstandings. I did not respond to violence and they implied anything. That’s how we end up here and no one else guesses why they take everything out of context“.

Meanwhile, the message that Balbi proposed to post together with his ex said: “No one has spoken to the media! I want it to be clear that there was no physical violence. To say it like nonsense is serious business. The relationship ended due to problems with the couple. We are grateful that no third party is involved in providing explanations.”

And in another video he shared with his fans, Holder replayed part of the conversation he had with his ex-boyfriend.

“I said ‘I’m not going to answer, talk to him'”she told him, to which he replied that he never touched her hair. “That’s why I say it, because I don’t want to be blamed for something you didn’t do”she answered.

“Okay, done. I just wanted to hear it. Now I take a screenshot of what you said and upload it”, was the last word of the ex GH in that conversation with whoever his girlfriend was.

“Topic closed. With my ex-girlfriend I ended up in the best conditions. I want him to be happy, I want to be happy…”, added Tomás.

Also, the influencers acknowledged that his statements on the number of followers Paula had amassed on her Instagram account thanks to him It was something he expressed “warmly”.

“I want you to know that we are two adults who are going to handle it as best we can. Relationships sometimes end and that doesn’t mean there is no love but that we are at different times… I hope she is well and I wish her the best. To enjoy the summer we will break everything, ”the media closed.


Source: Clarin

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