Parliament approves Benjamin Netanyahu’s executive: Israel already has the most right-wing government in its history

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The Knesset (Israel’s parliament) ratified the new government led by Benjamin Netanyahu, along with his ultra-Orthodox and far-right partners, on Thursday.

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The most right-wing Executive of the history of Israel It was thus established with the favorable vote of the majority of 63 deputies, of the six parties that make up the coalition, three of them openly racist and Jewish supremacists.

Thus began the longest-serving leader in the history of the Jewish state his sixth termhaving spent the last year and a half as leader of the opposition and while facing a corruption trial accused of fraud, corruption and breach of trust.

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The priorities

Even before taking the oath Thursday, Netanyahu made clear what his priorities will be.

The first: to neutralize Iran’s efforts to become a nuclear power and expand peace agreements with its Arab neighbors, according to what he himself explained.

Netanyahu has also assured that he will try to develop the country’s infrastructure by building a railway between Galilee and Eliat for high-speed trains and extend the Abraham Accords with Arab countries to end the regional conflict, especially with Saudi Arabia.

The debate on the new government took place in a tense atmosphere, with thunderous applause from the coalition that supports Netanyahu -64 of the 120 deputies that make up the Knesset or Parliament- and outcry from lawmakers of the opposition

women in the toilet

The new government will be composed of 29 ministersone more than the current one, originally with only four women: Miri Regev (Transport), Idit Silman (Environment), Orit Struck (National Missions) and Galit Distel Etbarian (Prime Minister’s Office).

There were nine women on the ledge.

However, given the strong criticisms received, Netanyahu has decided to add a fifth minister, Gila Gamliel, of his Likud party, who will deal with intelligence issues.

In any case, among the eleven members of the government’s Defense Council, the internal cabinet that deals with the most delicate strategic issues, there will be no woman.

The future prime minister was condemned from Wednesday to the definitive formation of his ministers and reserved in the end those who will leave his party.

Eli Cohen, who will be chancellor through 2023, only learned of his appointment when Netanyahu spoke before the Knesset, and the same happened with Gamliel.

The chancery was subject to a very tough internal negotiation in the Likud and, according to the Israeli press, the solution was an unprecedented alternation fixed in advance between the leaders.

Thus Ely Cohen, former Minister of Strategic Affairs, will be Chancellor for a year, after which he will assume office Israel Katz, a former chancellor who two years later will return the post to Cohen until the end of the legislature.

Israel’s former ambassador to Washington, Ron Dormer, he will assume the position of minister for strategic affairs, and the Likud has also reserved the ministry of defense, which will be entrusted to reserve general Yoav Galant.

The finance ministry will go to a Likud ally: Bezalel Smotrich, leader of the far-right party Religious Zionism.

“A danger”, according to the Palestinians

Precisely, the presence of religious Zionism in the government makes the Palestinians don’t hold out much hope on Netanyahu’s new management, which they consider a danger”.

“It’s the government more right-wing and fascist never seen before,” said Mohammed al-Alul, President Mahmoud Abbas’ deputy at the helm of Fatah.

“He represents a danger to Jerusalem, to the al-Aqsa mosque, to our children and to our future.”

Al-Alul said he was confident that the Palestinians will be able to measure themselves “with this challenge”, also through the cohesion between the various factions, “which will allow the popular struggle to be strengthened”.

In this circumstance, al-Fatah appealed to Hamas to overcome past divisions and “give priority to national interests”.

Palestinian President Abbas held a telephone conversation with outgoing Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz on Wednesday, asking him to “end repeated incursions into the West Bank by the army and settlers.”



Source: Clarin

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