Zero tolerance on CNN: there will be no New Year’s toast in front of the cameras at midnight

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Two inseparable friends, one known as a respectable journalist, the other as an irreverent motorist, godfathers of their respective children, celebrate the new year in front of the camera, live, drinking shots of tequila. What can go wrong?

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six years ago Andy Cohenhost and executive producer of the Bravo channel, joined his journalist friend Anderson-Cooperto greet the new year with CNN’s broadcast of the iconic countdown to Times Square.

We had to return after the pandemic ate ​​the New Year’s Eve party in 2021 which is why on December 31, 2022 just 15,000 people gathered in the heart of Manhattan to wait for the ball to drop with 6,400 crystals which a new year receives.

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There were fewer people, mandatory chinstraps and mandatory vaccination tests that won’t be required at this end of the year, where the number of people crammed together, sheltered from the cold, is likely to grow to pre-Covid levels. If the record storms that are hitting the north of the country don’t play a bad joke on him.

Do not clarify that it obscures

Back to the tequila shots, Anderson – and especially Andy – went viral and very popular on social media last year for getting a little tipsy and saying some politically incorrect things.

For example, Andy Cohen has criticized the outgoing mayor of New York and also the band Journey, led by Ryan Seacrest, which hosts the traditional ABC show from the same place Rocking New Years.

the driver of american idol replaced Dick Clark upon his death in 2012 It’s clearly the most-watched party on TV. About 24 million viewers during peak hours against almost 4 for CNN. Different audiences, of course.

And they should all be friends even if they compete. But between shots Andy Cohen heard the band Journey singing in a lineup without Steve Perry, and decided to call the rival program “the group of losers”. Not well.

Cohen, used to brokering racy cast meetings on the housewife reality shows he produces on Bravo, was quick to apologize to Ryan on the air.

Days after the celebration, he made it clear on his radio that he had never meant to badmouth him, but rather that it had angered him to hear the band without its leader, whom he apparently greatly admires. For this end of the year, she teases that he will celebrate “responsibly” and that Usher will sing for them from his Las Vegas residence.

New boss, goodbye to alcohol

Just in February, a new CEO took over at CNN, Chris Licht, representing the merger of Warner Bros. Discovery, the channel’s new owners. In November he commented on it drinking on camera was questioning the respectability of the network.

The truth is that although it was expected that only the correspondents would not toast with alcohol now Cohen admits that neither he nor Anderson is likely to be drinking this holiday season.. He still promises that theirs will be a super party, because at that time of year everything always goes wrong but there they are, shivering in the rain and waiting for spontaneous things to happen, like when the planets align.

Seacrest says he doesn’t support the idea of ​​drinking on camera, nor does he understand how it became a tradition, even though he knows there are plenty of people out there who do. “I’m sure Andy wouldn’t have badmouthed the band if he wasn’t for the booze,” he forgives him.

In his team, they only start toasting at one in the morning. They will take Duran Duran this year and will have Roselyn Sanchez as their correspondent in Puerto Rico, where Farruko will sing.

It’s a good thing they stopped drinking, he says half-jokingly, half-seriously, of his rivals. And he assures that he will send them a bottle of his favorite tequila, to see if the two are tempted and drift again.


Source: Clarin

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