Carlos Maslatón entered the scandal and was lapidary with Camila Homs after the denunciation of Rodrigo De Paul

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Charles Maslaton completely immersed in the scandal that surrounds it Camila Homs, Rodrigo DePaul Y Tini Stoessel when commenting without filter the controversial attitude of the footballer’s ex-wife, who on New Year’s Eve harangued a crowd of young people who sang against the artist.

The lawyer, fury inside Chirping Due to his provocative libertarian comments and his support for the world of cryptocurrencies, in the last few hours he has used his account on the aforementioned social network to criticize Camila’s gesture.

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Is that the model was recorded singing “Olé, olé, olé, olé, olé, Tini eats it, Cami gives it to her” in Punta del Este, during the celebrations for the arrival of 2023, after the complaint for “threats and harassment” that Rodrigo made to the Argentine Justice.

In detail, Maslatón said that Camila “He’s trivializing his supposedly just cause”. And he stated: “It’s going astray.”

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In addition, the bitcoin and stock investment expert took the time to answer a few questions comments your followers have made under your tweet.

“You’re right, Carlos. But still, Camila is a truck, huh…”one user replied. “I do not like”replied the activist of liberal ideas promulgated by Javier Milei.

“Carlos, I didn’t know you liked Argentinian chimento. I love you THEY with Ángel De Brito,” another follower told him. To which Carlos replied: “These are issues of broad national importance. Up for grabs is a great player from the national team in the middle of a World Cupso I have no sympathy for his current player competitor girlfriend“.

Additionally, Maslatón reacted to a message from a young woman that said: “No matter how pretty you are, men cheat on you just the same.” “The cause of the betrayal does not derive from a decision linked to the degree of ‘beauty’ of the person who is ‘cheated'”, began the lawyer.

And followed: “It can also be done with a less ‘pretty’ person subjectively speaking and this fact itself may even create more incentive to proceed.”

“Remember. Coupled with the fact that, as a trend since prehistoric times, man can favor quantity over ‘quality’. 8,000 years of history cannot overturn this apparent and irresistible original biological and psychological design. I, Argentinian”, concluded the lawyer.

Camila Homs’ controversial attitude towards Tini Stoessel

Early in the morning of this January 1, the ex-wife of Rodrigo De Paul, Camila Homstook advantage of the songs of a crowd of young people who coincided with her at a New Year’s party to attack Tini Stoessel, the current girlfriend of the father of her children.

Several videos of the model singing went viral on social networks “Olé, olé, olé, olé, olé, Tini eats it, Cami gives it to her” while a group of young people sang that letter from the beach, a few meters away from her.

In addition to secretly singing and talking to a friend who accompanied her to said party, the midfielder’s ex-wife also grabbed the phone to record a video of her shouting the song loudly against the singer who is with De Paul today.


Source: Clarin

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