Refugees: non-fungible tokens for a solidarity cause

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Through a strategic alliance with the Qurable platform, The UNHCR Argentina Foundation will deliver free of charge a non-fungible token (NFT) unique and non-transferable to each of the current and future members of your Ponchos Azules community.

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The token will function as a che badge reward, recognize and celebrate Argentine solidarity towards all those people in the world who, forced, they had to leave their home, their life and their land.

There are currently more than half a million people those who are able to receive their first Poncho Azul NFT and are looking to cross the million mark. Forget about it, you just have to become Poncho Azul sign on

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This non-fungible token, a 3D animated digital designwill allow each Poncho Azul to have a digital identity as a member of this support community.

It will also allow you to show support for refugees and displaced persons by sharing the NFT as a digital collectible or by simply downloading and/or uploading it like any content through social networks.

Furthermore, it presents an innovative particularity since it is dynamic, which implies it its design is changing to reflect the level of participation: spending time as a donor, making the cause visible and calling others to join Ponchos Azules, making donations for specific emergencies, among other ways to show solidarity and engagement.

An interaction channel

At the same time, the NFT becomes another channel of interaction between the organization and its community.

It will work like a key that will guarantee, to whoever activates it, access eventsshares or benefits that will be attributed as the subject’s shareholding increases. For example, NFT owners could participate a raffle for a blue poncho by Benito Fernández or attend the annual Concert with Refugees of the Fundación ACNUR Argentina.

The goal of the commitment tokens that Fundación ACNUR Argentina will offer is to democratize the technology, make it accessible and make it available to anyone interested in collaborating with the refugee and displaced population.

“We seek to integrate the entire solidarity ecosystem of which we are a part, giving our members, volunteers, partners and donors an intelligent and dynamic digital entity that connects them more to the cause and also to each other, and that this participation and engagement experience and that the connectivity between so many people supporting this cause becomes a major impact on refugees and displaced people,” she says. Alfred BottiExecutive Director of the Fundación ACNUR Argentina.

Currently Ponchos Azules por la Paz has more than 558 thousand members.

To join the blue ponchos you must enter

Source: UNHCR Argentina Foundation

Source: Clarin

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