Tomás Holder introduced his new girlfriend, his ex exploded with anger and dedicated a controversial post to her

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Thomas Owner They broke up for good a few days ago. However, he has already shown himself with another woman and this has generated the wrath of Paula Balbi, his ex, with whom exchanged strong messages on social media.

The first deleted by Big Brother He was in a relationship with model Rosario when he entered the house. And when he left her, he was very much in love with her. More: he has decided to leave everything for his partner and return to Rosario to fully experience their love story.

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The truth is, that moment that seemed to be one of pure love ended quickly. It’s just that a couple of weeks later, the influencers announced the breakup, between versions of physical violence later denied.

In this context, Holder has been showing up with another woman in Punta del Este for a few days. This is Camila Mallo, also a model like her ex, and with whom she had a first public date days ago.

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Since then, the influencers He posted several photos with his new girlfriend, hugging her tight, sunbathing at the beach, and even giving us kisses But the most striking thing was the public dedication he made to him since he wrote “TA”, an acronym for “I love you”, and wrote “for connoisseurs only”. As if that weren’t enough, she shared the post along with a heart emoji.

Seeing her ex’s posts, model Rosario made a strong post. “Respect after the relationship is what lets you know who you really were with. Nothing to add”, wrote the young woman, without naming Holder but in clear allusion to him.

Even without mentioning it, the tiktoker responded with another energetic post: “I’m in Punta living my life. Just mention me. You passed. There is nothing more to add.”

Camila, who has 21,000 followers on her Instagram account and her posts are related to fashion, didn’t allude to the topic.

Maybe because it seems with Tomás they know each other recently and prefers to avoid conflict.

Tomás Holder and Paula Balbi: from love to hate in record time

When Tomás entered the house of Big Brother Said he was having an affair and when he walked out, instead of taking advantage of his moment of fame, He decided to return to Rosario, his hometown.

At first the young man said that his decision was linked to the fact that it was difficult for him to face the cameras, but then she revealed it was because of her ex ex.

Have you given up all the media exposure and work for your girlfriend?” His followers consulted him at the time. “Not for her, but for love. Sometimes it is difficult to continue a long distance relationship. And even though I think I’m in a good moment in my career, I can’t put aside what is fundamental in life: love,” she explained.

But then Holder traveled to Punta Cana with a friend and when he returned he announced his separation. “You have to separate when one is already sick. When he says I stole dreams, no …I gave him everything he needed to have today. He has 50 thousand followers, I hope I can take advantage of that with modeling,” she explained.

She reacted with a lapidary voice message: “The only thing that matters to him are followers and going out to eat. Life is based on it. Correctly, he is a poor boy. I can’t let them mistreat me out of respect for my family and friends who managed to make me open my eyes and get out of there because the problem was serious”.

That audio generated rumors of physical violence, but both were in charge of denying the versions and ensured that the cut was made on good terms.

“Folks, I’ll make it clear my ex partner didn’t hit me. Everything that happened was psychological. The relationship became toxic and we decided to end it, ”she explained, while he assured that they ended up“ in the best condition ”.


Source: Clarin

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