“White Noise”: the new Netflix gem that won’t let you get out of your chair

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Netflix recently released a new film directed by the acclaimed director Noah Baumbach. Regard “White Noise”hero Adam Driver and Greta Gerwig.

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The movie had mixed reviews since the day of its premiere, but promises to remain at the top of the most watched lists on the platform.

What is Noah Baumbach’s “White Noise” about?

The story follows an American family as they face an uncertain future and confront their worst fears, their chance at happiness, and their love. The plot has a deep development, like the rest of the director’s and screenwriter’s works, and plunges into the feelings of the characters, as well as their relationships.

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Critics have not been very good with the film, although some points have been made. In IMDbsite specializing in film criticism, got a score of 5.8 on 13 thousand reviews, quite low, although it could continue to rise due to the short time since its premiere. On the other hand, the site Rotten tomatoes it had 33% of the audience and 63% of the website critics.

The director, Noah Baumbach, is remembered for his work “The Squid and the Whale” (2005), “Frances Ha” (2012) and “Marriage Story” (2019), for which Laura Dern won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress.

Cinema distribution

  • Don Cheadle-Murray
  • Adam Driver-Jack
  • Greta Gerwig – Babette
  • Raffey Cassidy – Denise
  • Sam Nivola-Heinrich
  • Jodie Turner-Smith – Winnie
  • Lars Eidinger – Mr. Gray
  • Andre 3000 – Lasher
  • Carlos Jacott – Grappa

the tough movie 2 hours and 16 minutes approximately, taking into account the credits.

Main production equipment

  • Noah Baumbach – director and screenplay
  • David Heyman – production
  • Uri Singer – production
  • Leslie Converse – executive producer
  • Brian Bell – executive producer
  • Danny Elfman – soundtrack
  • Lol Crawley – cinematography

Source: Clarin

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