The unusual request that Fabián Doman made to Moyano to save Independiente

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When he took over from Independiente, Fabiano Doman He ended up with a worse scenario than he had imagined. The debts amount to 6,658 million pesos and the claims for unfulfilled commitments with players and clubs continue to decrease. The last and most important claim has to do with the debt the club incurs mexico america for the steps of Silvio Romero Y Cecilio Dominguez: after deleting the last payment plan, The Aztecs have asked FIFA for tough sanctions against the Avellaneda club. The figure that the Red has not respected amounts to $5,700,000.

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The president of Independiente is working against the clock to avoid a sanction that inhibits him in the next market transfers. Amércia went even further and even asked FIFA to remove points and even the possibility of losing the category.

In the midst of this complicated panorama, Fabián Doman asked the least expected character for help. Is that the journalist has decided to turn to Hugo Moyano for holding him responsible for this disaster.

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“I spoke to Moyano, I asked him to make a personal financial effort given the situation in which he left Independiente… I’m waiting for him to answer me,” he revealed to DSpors Radio.

“We have come across player contracts that are obscene. I would like an explanation from the previous secretary (Héctor Maldonado) on all of this,” continued the new president of the Reds.

Regarding América de México’s decision to appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (TAS) to collect its debts as soon as possible, Doman was blunt: “We don’t know if América seeks to collect or harm Independiente, because we offered four payment plans and accepted none.”

Source: Clarin

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