Big Brother’s counterattack on El Trece’s Super Monday

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Bidding for evaluation never rests. And facing the super Monday that El Trece is preparing to renew its grill from January 9, Telefe makes his move to compete with strong artillery from your screen, on this second Monday of the year.

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Standing in front of the debut of the second season of The hotel of the famous which starts on Monday 9 from El Trece, conducted by Carolina Pampita Ardohain and Chino Leunis, Telefe has decided to raise its usual elimination gala Big Brother which airs on Sundays and postpone it one day, for that same Monday.

The strategy seeks to warm up the screen between reality shows and prevent the novelty proposed by El Trece from capturing all the attention on its first day on the air. Taking advantage of the good evaluation it is having GH Since its debut in October last year, Telefe has made a breakthrough trying to maintain its leadership. It was the most viewed of 2022.

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another game day

Like this, who was nominated this week They will have an extra day inside the house before the definition of the public who votes who wants to expel from the program. Candidates are Alexis (El Conejo), Ariel, Agustín and Lucila “la Tora”.

Before the final plate, this Thursday one of them can be saved by Nacho, who won the week’s leadership test on Tuesday and got that benefit, plus immunity.

Now with the final three nominees, the traditional gala hosted by Santiago Del Moro, in which the eleventh expelled will be released, will be Monday, which will be followed by a special broadcast of Pluto TV: spy on GH.

House with built-in garage for one day

With the weekly routine of altered reality looking for plays, the special challenge originally scheduled for Monday will air on Tuesday the 10th. This is a very particular test, which will be carried out live, where one of the players can win a car at 0 kilometers.

The test has already been carried out in several editions of GH in other countries e consists in having one of the two hands in contact with the car, and the one that for some reason does not, is eliminated. The last one to stay in that position will become a creditor of a zero kilometer car.

Something that seems simple, however, it requires a lot of stamina and will have some special rules that will be announced when the challenge is done which, according to Del Moro, is one of the most impressive in reality and has caused a sensation in other countries.

This is worth clarifying Only those who have been indoors since the reality show began will be able to participate in this testto have the possibility of an extra prize for those who entered later or joined thanks to the repechage.

Therefore, they can only enter the game to win the car Thiago, Nacho, Alpha, Romina, Julieta, Maxi, Marcos and Alexis (if not eliminated on Monday), while the new participants, Camila and Ariel, and those returning after the repechage, Agustín, Daniela and La Tora, they will have to be content with encouraging their peers.

The first prize of 15 million pesos and a house for the first prize, and a house for the second, is still valid for all participants in this edition of GH (Actually, if one of the returning or “new ones” wins, the money will be proportional to the days they were at home).

Source: Clarin

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