Big Brother 2022: Walter was out of place with Camila and it caused a screaming fight with Ariel

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In Big Brother 2022 (Telefe, 9.45 pm), the cycle conducted by Santiago Del Moro, the struggles between Alfa and Ariel not only do they not finish, but they get more and more difficult. Now, the participant explained that he entered the repechage the source of Walter’s anger towards him.

According to what she said, it all started when Alfa got lost with Camila. In fact they were in her SUM and he put his finger in her mouth while she was sleeping. “It bites me,” the 60-year-old said later, laughing.

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Faced with that scene, Romina asked him in every way not to get lost. But Walter turned a deaf ear and continued, convinced that what he was doing to Cami was funny.

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At that point, Ariel became angry with Alpha. And a few minutes later, in the room, she confronted him: “You’re 60! I won’t allow it, you put your finger in his mouth while he sleeps”.

Camila, for her part, wasn’t angry about what Walter had done. She, on the other hand, was angry for having slept with her mouth open in front of the cameras of Big Brother and Telefe.

Walter spoke to her alone and they agreed that what she did was a joke and not a “depraved” attitude. They also said that some of the inhabitants of the house “are quilomberos”.

About his fight with Ariel, Walter told Camila: “It annoys me that they come out and shout ‘she’s helpless.’ What helplessness? I’m playing! Later, when I went to my room, I told him that he didn’t need lawyers and that in case he was angry, I apologize. What’s wrong with you, idiot?”

“This kid saw it all, he saw they were going to do me with that.

Ariel, on Alpha: “I got angry when he came running to get me”

Now, Ariel told Maxi, Alexis, and Nacho all the details of that fight with Alfa when she put her finger in Camila’s mouth.

“I told him he’s misrepresenting everything, that’s true, and that I don’t believe him at all, that he’s not. The matter was already there, I only got mad at him about finger-in-the-mouth day. I freaked out when he come rushing me into the room,” the grill man was indignant.

And he continued to do catharsis: “it’s not stupid. Even with pillows. One day he put one on me…it was like a pineapple. He had a fever. I woke up hot. I told him ‘everything is fine, but physical aggression is enough because we will end badly’. I told him well and he never did it again, so he knows what he’s doing.”

Hours later, in the kitchen, Ariel asked Alfa if he was better from the blow he received when Romina threw him in the sink, but Walter refused to talk to him. “It’s worse than the three monkeys together. I prefer Juan,” he said, referring to Ariel, who he compared to Batman’s Penguin.

And in dialogue with Romina, Camila, Giulietta and Daniela, shocked, Alfa went crazy with his words about Ariel: “I’m gonna tear it apart, chunks of ‘fat’ will jump everywhere”threatened.


Source: Clarin

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