Shooting in Miami Gardens: at least 10 injured during the shooting of a video clip in Florida

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At least 10 people were injured during the night of this Thursday due to a he resumed which erupted outside a restaurant in Miami Gardens, Floridawhile filming a music video was in progress.

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“We have had shots that have injured multiple victims. There have been no deaths so far. The condition of the injured is unknown at this time and everything is under investigation,” said Diana Gourgue, Miami Gardens Police Detective.

Miami-Dade paramedics and firefighters attended the crime scene and transported four of the victims to a nearby hospital. One of them is inside critical state.

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The violent incident took place around 20:00 (local time) this Thursday outside the restaurant The lickinglocated at 27th Street at 17,600.

According to unofficial sources, the video clip was from rappers French Montana and Rob49who was injured.

It was like 14 or 15 rounds. It was very fast and sounded like an assault rifle. I started running, but then he decided to throw me down. Then people started asking me to help them, but there wasn’t much I could do,” said one of the witnesses to the shooting.

A video has gone viral on social media in which two people are seen lying on the ground and surrounded by blood, being treated by police officers. Several claim that it is rapper Rob49 and French Montana’s bodyguard, although this information has not been officially confirmed.

New in development.

Source: Clarin

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